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Redacted Tonight


With reality now seeming like a Shakespearean comedy, perhaps only comedy can truly bring truth to the people. DC-born comedian Lee Camp and a talented cast do just that with RT America’s first comedy show - Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp. This is not your grandparents’ satire program. Every week Redacted Tonight will provide comedy news with a punch. This weekly satire show tackles all the real news stories the mainstream media failed to mention and provides new angles on the ones they do.

Dec 7, 2019 08:05

Bipartisan neglect of climate change, PATRIOT Act extended, ‘legal’ Israeli settlements in Palestine

President Obama sucked on climate change. The GOP are actively bad on climate too, but it’s important to remember that inaction on climate is bipartisan. This show kicks off with a look back at how the DNC, the GOP, and the corporate media have allowed global warming to develop to the point of an existential crisis. Under Obama they slapped BP on the wrist for filling the Gulf Sea with oil and the Paris Climate Accord failed to address the scientific reality of what needs to be done to control the greenhouse effect. Under Trump things have only gotten worse. In ‘Taking The News From Behind’, Lee looks at the British election, the extension of the PATRIOT Act, Facebook’s role in the development of facial recognition software, and more.

Anders Lee sits down with Lee to discuss Israel. The US recently decided to classify the Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories as legal, despite them being very illegal. It’s hard to know what will happen there as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will face corruption charges. Naomi Karavani closes the show out with a report on an explosion that happened last week at a Texas chemical plant. The explosion happened soon after the Trump administration loosened regulations on the industry.

Dec 6, 2019 11:06

US foreign policy: The view from Latin America with Ben Norton

Ben Norton is a journalist with the Grayzone and he sat down with Lee at the top of the show. They discuss US foreign policy relating to Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mexico, and more. These Latin American countries are seeing their left-wing governments attacked by US-backed right-wing movements and sanctions. The story extends back into history and includes some of the same characters from the last round of US coups in Latin America such as the School of the Americas and Elliot Abrams. Norton spent several months in Venezuela reporting on the US-backed coup earlier this year.

After the break Lee and Norton continue to discuss US foreign policy and move onto bipartisan support for US imperialism from both corporate political parties. Natalie McGill finishes the show with a report on the continued push for voter suppression laws from the GOP. They are going after college students with more Voter ID laws targeted at college students in North Carolina, Iowa, and Wisconsin. These laws put obstacles in the way of young people to dissuade them from engaging in the democratic process.

Nov 30, 2019 08:20

The Assassination of JFK & Mary Meyer: REVEALED!

Lee had an extended interview with Peter Janney, author of Mary’s Mosaic, a book about Mary Meyer, one of JFK’s lovers, who is believed to have been killed by the CIA to help cover up their involvement in JFK’s assassination. They discuss the man they accused of Mary’s murder, Ray Crump, and how he was acquitted due to lack of evidence and to the strong legal counsel of Dovey Roundtree, one of the first African-American women to pass the bar in D.C. Peter also reveals he believes his own father, a CIA official, may himself have played a part in the conspiracy.

Nov 23, 2019 08:24

The left’s victories, School of the Americas, NYPD’s illegal database

Lee goes over policy advances won by the left since the Occupy movement shook the world. Popular activism has moved the dial on universal healthcare, raising the minimum wage, environmental action, and more. Deeper into the news, we look at the failed coup in Venezuela last weekend and an environmental stance taken by the European Investment Bank which has decided to stop financing fossil fuel projects.

Naomi Karavani looks back at the role the School of the Americas has played in overthrowing democratic regimes in Latin America. Graduates of the school were central to the recent Bolivian coup but their history is long and dark. Natalie McGill ends the show with a report on a database where the NYPD illegally kept hundreds of people’s fingerprints.

Nov 22, 2019 07:10

‘In Defense of Democracy’ with Roslyn Fuller

Naomi Karavani hosts the show this week. The US has spilled nuclear waste in the Marshall Islands and they’re refusing to clean it up, while demanding that anti-US graffiti be cleaned. Also, an immigration officer fears deportation now that his Mexican birth certificate has been revealed. Lee sits down with Roslyn Fuller, a political scientist who recently published ‘In Defense Of Democracy.’ They discuss how the wealthy propagandize us to believe that we cannot trust the unwashed masses to take part in government. Fuller’s scholarship dissects these lies and shows us that we really can have faith in democracy.

Anders Lee finishes the show off with a report on the New York Police Department’s latest attempts to police the subway system. They’re spending a lot more money than they can save while making life harder for the poorest people living in NYC.

Nov 16, 2019 10:20

The war on Latin American leftists, Bloomberg enters DNC primary, Bezos upset in Seattle City Council

The indigenous president of Bolivia was forced to resign before the end of his term this week after a US-led coup succeeded. Lee briefly reviews the recent history of US-backed coups taking out left-wing political movements across Latin America. He recalls violent actions supported by the US in Honduras, Nicaragua and Venezuela. If given more time, this list of leftist governments taken out in the interests of US businessmen could extend right across Latin America. Lee covers Michael Bloomberg’s apparent presidential aspirations, the attempted arrest of the founder of Code Pink on the falsified charge of assaulting Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and more poverty porn from your corporate media.

Natalie McGill sits down with Lee to look at a new case in which HUD is rolling back rules that protect people from discrimination in the housing market. Under these rule changes, banks and landlords would be able to avoid legal troubles for discriminating against people by blaming it on an algorithm. Anders Lee finishes off the show with a report on the recent election outcome in Seattle’s city council race. Jeff Bezos had put $1.5 million into the race to unseat Kshama Sawant. Sawant is a member of Socialist Alternative and, among many victories, she led the drive to increase Seattle’s minimum wage to $15. She also ended up winning the election, proving that grassroots campaigning can still compete with big money politics.