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14 Dec, 2019 10:34

General Election 2019 Special: Boris Johnson wins by a landslide, Corbyn’s Labour wiped out (E825)

On this special episode of Going Underground after the UK’s 2019 General Election, we speak to Oxford University’s Danny Dorling and John McClure of Reverend and the Makers. They discuss what Boris Johnson could do to stop the threat of a Jeremy Corbyn-style Labour Party ever rising again, why traditional Labour heartlands in the north that experienced the miners’ strike voted Conservative, how the generational divide has become more important than class, the prospect of NHS privatization at the hands of the Conservative-majority government, the prospect of strongman authoritarianism in Britain, and more! Next, we speak to former Labour MP Kate Hoey on why Labour lost this election. She discusses Jeremy Corbyn’s battle with the PLP and shadow cabinet over Brexit policy and why Labour’s Brexit position caused them to lose voters, media bias against Labour, whether racism and bigotry played a big role in consolidating the leave vote, why the Conservatives will need to truly end austerity to hold on to the voters they have gained, the possible break-up of the United Kingdom, and more! Finally, we speak to Chairman of the Conservative Party Lord Davies of Gower on Boris Johnson’s thumping election victory. He discusses the surprise results despite austerity and rising poverty, how the promise to deliver Brexit won over voters, whether Welsh voters are rejecting Welsh nationalism, and more!


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