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Eat the Press


‘Eat the Press’ is a take-no-prisoners media critique bloodbath hosted by Steve Malzberg. Watch him expose the smugness, hypocrisy, bias and lies that saturate mainstream news and reveal its so-called journalism for what it really is.

Nov 28, 2020 06:01

Megyn making a comeback?

Former Fox News and NBC News Star Megyn Kelly is back with her own podcast. We'll tell you why she's packing up and leaving New York City, and where she might wind up next on your TV dial.

Nov 21, 2020 07:42

Silencing the Right

Have you heard about the conservative alternative to Twitter? It's called Parler, and the left-wing media thinks it could mean the end of our world. It's not just the media that wants to silence conservative viewpoints, we'll show you who is speaking out.

It's tougher than ever to be a conservative in Hollywood with talk of an enemies list invoking memories of the McCarthy blacklists. Actress and activist Maria Conchita Alonso joins us on Eat the Press.

Is there a Trump News Network in our future? It's possible, and some say it will all be streaming online. Lionel and Wayne Lonstein weigh in on the 72 million potential viewers.

There was some pretty bad violence last weekend on the streets of D.C. aimed at Trump supporters, but you would never know it from watching the news. Steve Malzberg fills you in on one excuse being used to hide the story.

Nov 14, 2020 07:06

Fascist enemies list

Some prominent democrats are calling for a record to be kept of those who have supported president Trump and look who seems to be on board with the concept of an enemies list.
Before the election the media was flashing red lights, warning of impending Russian interference. But now that warning is nothing more than a distant memory. Steve will talk about the state of the election with David Horowitz.

Would you move to Georgia just to be able to vote for the democrats in the January senate runoffs? That's what some in the media are suggesting you do. Steve Gruber nd Ford O'Connell weigh in.

What's in a name? Did you know you may be a racist if you mispronounce 'Comma-la’? That's right. Unless of course you are Joe Biden, Barack Obama or 'Comma-la’ herself.

Nov 7, 2020 10:22

2020 election coup

Election night came and went without a winner being decided in the presidential race, but that doesn't mean the media wasn't spewing their usual narrative against president Trump.
Has deceased Arizona senator John McCain been working to defeat Trump in the state he represented, from the grave? One CNN analyst thinks so, Lionel and Kristin Tate react.
Once again they got it totally wrong, is the polling profession dead? Reaction from a top pollster.
Why does our news media inject race into everything they can? Wait until you hear who they are blaming for the president winning the Florida vote and see what MSNBC called Justice Clarence Thomas.

Oct 31, 2020 07:26

Kamala’s lying laugh

Much of the media tries to make a police shooting in Philadelphia a racial issue, most notably CNN'S Chris Cuomo. Wait until you see what he didn't tell his viewers. What happens if Joe Biden becomes our next President? Will he carry out the hard left's radical socialist agenda, and what would it mean for the country. Dinesh D'Souza is here to discuss what the media won't. And is CNN's Jeff Zucker on his way out? Jim and Joe Hoft of The gateway Pundit will weigh in on that and more on today's panel. With the election taking place next week, and the media telling us Biden has a big lead, Steve Malzberg will take a look back and show you just how wrong they had it in 2016.

Oct 23, 2020 18:19

Jeffrey Toobin caught taking ‘it’ out

CNN's chief legal analyst "takes it out" during a Zoom meeting in front of his colleagues at the New Yorker. Wait until you hear what he did with it. 
The final presidential debate is over. President Donald Trump and rival Joe Biden battled it out, and this time it wasn't all about the moderator. We will show you how it went.
Has America turned into South Africa? The Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson thinks so and will be here to explain.
Plus, although Joe Biden's long history of lies and racist is well-hidden by the mainstream media, we will reveal what you most likely have never seen before.