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Boom Bust


The boom/bust cycle is as old as Western banking itself. Our hosts break through the mainstream headlines to find the stories that matter, and help you navigate the booms and the busts.

Mar 2, 2022 06:05

Crypto exchanges refuse to block Russian users

Amid a wave of firms canceling services in Russia, cryptocurrency exchanges are standing by what they call “financial freedom.” Meanwhile, the conflict in Ukraine continues to weigh heavy on markets, causing stocks to slump at the beginning of the week. We’ll break it all down. And China is facing mounting pressure as the world’s second-most-powerful economy in the wake of the Ukraine crisis and trade woes. We’ll bring you the latest from the People’s Republic.

Mar 1, 2022 06:51

Russia-Ukraine conflict causing problems for Fed

The US and its allies have moved to implement new sanctions against Moscow, as Russia’s central bank moves to double interest rates, while the ruble sees it worst day on record. We’ll discuss the latest central bank action, and whether it will soon include the Federal Reserve. Plus, we’ll take a look at how the new measures are already impacting global markets. And the latest tensions sent oil prices back to $100 per barrel. We’ll break down why the markets are concerned, and how long the latest rally is likely to last.

Feb 26, 2022 13:30

The future of crypto regulation

As nations around the globe pour sanctions on Russia after its operations in Ukraine, Western nations have been hesitant to remove the nation from the SWIFT banking system. We’ll discuss. And with the possibility of using cryptocurrency to avoid sanctions, could we soon see regulation in the fintech space? We analyze the situation with a true expert in the field.

Feb 25, 2022 07:52

Oil surges past $100 a barrel amid Russia-Ukraine conflict

The world is hitting Russia with a swath of sanctions following its military action in Ukraine. We’ll bring you a full round-up. The latest tensions have sent global energy prices soaring with oil surpassing $100 per barrel. Just how high will it go? We’ll discuss. Plus, the move is rippling through markets on Thursday as the situation weighs heavily on equities around the globe. We take a spin around international stocks.

Feb 24, 2022 08:24

Russian trade shifting to China as sanctions start

As Western nations continue to hit Russia with sanctions in the wake of its recognition of the Donbass republics, the nation has begun to look east to bolster its trade. We’ll discuss the growing economic bond between Russia and China. And the Kremlin’s move has shaken global markets, which have slumped since Russia’s announcement. We’ll break down the tremors ringing through markets. But it’s not just stocks taking a dive on the Donbass recognition – Bitcoin has taken a beating as well, as its price is still sitting below 40,000.

Feb 23, 2022 07:55

Germany halts Nord Stream 2 amid ongoing Ukraine crisis

Germany says it’s putting the Nord Stream 2 pipeline on hold amid pressure from the US and the EU to announce sanctions against Russia. We’ll discuss the latest. And in response to the latest tensions, oil prices are getting even closer to hitting $100 per barrel. We’ll take a look at the factors driving the latest rally, and who is benefitting from it. Plus, as markets in the US have taken a dive since the start of the year, investors are looking for other options. We take a look at the next frontier for investing in collectibles.