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Boom Bust


The boom/bust cycle is as old as Western banking itself. Our hosts break through the mainstream headlines to find the stories that matter, and help you navigate the booms and the busts.

Jan 20, 2021 06:47

Global vaccine deployment & 737 MAX cleared in Canada

Markets are on the move as a new Federal Reserve head is on the cusp of power. Boom Bust’s Christy Ai and market analyst Michele Schneider offer insight on the latest shift in the stock market and where we stand in the final full day of the Trump presidency. And, much like the gains of the global pandemic, vaccine distribution has been slammed for what critics are calling an unfair rollout. Mollye Barrows of America’s Lawyer brings us up to speed on where the world stands in the fight for inoculation. And while Covid-19 has been in the spotlight for the past year, the subject of Big Tech has come under increasing fire. Boom Bust’s Ben Swann brings us up to speed on what kind of regulation we could see under a Biden administration. Plus, Boeing’s controversial saga is winding down as another nation clears the infamous 737 MAX model to take to the skies yet again. Dennis Tajer of the Allied Pilots Association joins the program to discuss the measures taken to ensure the safety of the controversial plane.

Jan 19, 2021 06:38

Global energy updates & China’s economic rebound

Another major firm has cut ties with Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline under mounting pressure from the United States. This comes as US President-elect Joe Biden has vowed to ax the Keystone XL pipeline stateside early in his tenure. On the program, we take you around the globe for a roundup of moves in the energy sector, and how the economy is reacting to the developments and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. And with lockdowns nearing their first anniversary, RT’s Trinity Chavez gives us an insight on the Biden administration’s vaccine rollout plan, and how he plans to use the power of the government to set up testing sites nationwide. Tensions are still high between the world’s two largest economies as China threatens retaliation against the US for what it claims are harsh actions on Taiwan. Boom Bust co-host Ben Swann is on hand to break down the rising trans-Pacific tensions, and how China’s economy has managed to rebound in such a volatile year.

Jan 16, 2021 07:57

Bitcoin correction? Or just consolidation?

President-elect Joe Biden has a plan for more stimulus, as well as a path to 100 million vaccinations in the first 100 days of his presidency. Meanwhile, bitcoin is falling below $40,000, losing as much as 10 percent at times over the past day. However, some believe the price could go back up once more stimulus comes from the Biden administration. Others say this is just part of bitcoin’s volatility. Then, Holland Cooke gives us a sneak peek at the Consumer Electronics Show, which is completely virtual this year. The CES is showing off the future of the car industry, as well as gadgets to make things a little easier during the pandemic.

Jan 15, 2021 07:42

Social media’s sweeping crackdown & US jobless claims stay high

Amid the wide blackouts of social media accounts in the wake of the capitol riots, some people have been caught in the crossfire. Ron Paul, host of the Liberty Report, joins the program to describe his temporary ban from Facebook and what dangers the moves could have, if any, on free speech.

Plus, world leaders have voiced their concerns about the latest social media crackdowns, and it has drawn a response from one major Big Tech CEO. International regulatory attorney Myles Edwards shares his insight on the subject, and what ripple effects the sweeping measures could have in legal and financial terms.

And as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to pummel the United States, the nation has seen another surge in jobless claims as the lockdowns near their first anniversary. Market analyst Michele Schneider helps bring us up to speed on how markets are reacting to the numbers and the anticipation for a possible stimulus package.

Jan 14, 2021 08:01

Big biz cutting Trump ties & new year in the metals market?

Days after a sweeping ban from the App Store, Apple has offered a lifeline for social media platform Parler. We bring you up to speed on the latest in the social media saga. Plus, in the fallout from the Capitol Hill riot that left five people dead, many major corporations have begun to cut ties with President Trump. Professor Richard Wolff of the Economic Update joins the show to lay out the recent corporate decisions and what it could mean for Trump after his term is over. And as a new year is upon us, there is a new frontier for the precious metals market as others may be set to outshine gold. David McAlvany of McAlvany Financial Group breaks down the changing sector.

Jan 13, 2021 07:07

Trump: Big Tech ban is catastrophic. More users reading WhatsApp privacy terms of service

President Donald Trump finally responds to his ban on Twitter, saying he predicted this and its further division of the country. Meanwhile, WhatsApp users are turning to another encrypted messaging service after the app updated its privacy terms. The controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline is expected to resume pipelaying later this week despite Washington’s threat of more sanctions. Finally, US markets rose slightly on Tuesday after Monday’s declines. Investors are keeping their eyes on stimulus and the political turmoil in Washington, DC.