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Boom Bust

The boom/bust cycle is as old as Western banking itself. Hosts Daniel Brito and Christy Ai break through the mainstream headlines to find the stories that matter, and help you navigate the booms and the busts.

Oct 19, 2019 08:46

IMF meeting amid turmoil & Brexit future hazy

China’s economic growth has slowed to recent lows, and it could spell trouble for the global economy. Today, we do a deep dive on cooling world markets, and the IMF, with RT correspondent Sara Montes de Oca, who joins the show from the IMF meetings right here in Washington. Plus, despite initial buzz over the new Brexit deal, the fate of the bargain is still a bit hazy as Parliament is set to discuss the move on Saturday. Hilary Fordwich of the British-American Business Association breaks down what lies ahead for the negotiations with the October 31 deadline quickly approaching.

Oct 18, 2019 07:18

Brexit deal brokered & southwest subpoenaed

There has finally been a breakthrough in the 11th hour of Brexit negotiations, as the October 31 deadline quickly approaches. Today, we break down the key parts of the agreement, what it means for global finance, and how the markets are reacting. Plus, the 737 MAX saga continues as families of the victims have subpoenaed US airlines who heavily rely on the plane model. International regulatory attorney Myles Edwards is standing by to give us his take on this situation and much, much more.

Oct 17, 2019 07:58

Trade deal turbulence & SEC v cryptocurrency

As phase one of the US-China trade deal has cleared a major hurdle, the fate of agricultural purchases are still a little hazy. Professor Richard Wolff joins the show today to give us the macro-view on trade and the world economy. Plus, bitcoin has been slumping, but could a rally be just around the corner? Naeem Aslam of Think Markets joins us from across the pond to give us his outlook for cryptos in the wake of trade calamity in the UK.

Oct 16, 2019 07:04

Turkish arms sales halted & gloomy global growth

Several EU nations have moved to halt arms sales to Turkey over their assault on the Kurdish population in northeastern Syria, but they have yet to outright ban military exports to the key NATO ally. RT’s Alex Mihailovich joins the show to give us the outlook on the decision, and what this means for relations between Turkey and the West. Plus, the IMF has slashed its global GDP growth outlook again, and now the outlook has reached its lowest point since the 2008 financial crisis. We break down what it means for the future of world finance.

Oct 15, 2019 09:15

Ecuador axes austerity & China, US advance talks

Protests have rocked the streets of Quito, Ecuador for nearly two weeks, causing the nation’s government to drop its plans for more austerity. Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno reached the conclusion following a meeting with indigenous leaders. Plus, there has been a slight breakthrough in trans-Pacific trade as China and the US have reached “Phase One” of a tentative deal. Todd Horwitz of Bubba Trading and Jeffrey Tucker of the American Institute for Economic Research are both on hand to break down the recent developments.

Oct 12, 2019 08:32

Unrest rages in Ecuador & GM talks break down

We start today in Ecuador, where protests continue, even after the government was forced to flee the capital. Andres Arauz, former official at the Ecuadorian Central Bank joins the show to give us his take on why these protests are happening, in addition to the IMF’s role in the turmoil sweeping the nation. Plus, the strike at General Motors continues as the company’s management sit for talks with UAW union leaders, but there is still no end in sight as demands are still not met. Lauren Fix, the Car Coach, is standing by to give us give us a tour of recent developments in the global auto sector.