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Boom Bust


The boom/bust cycle is as old as Western banking itself. Our hosts break through the mainstream headlines to find the stories that matter, and help you navigate the booms and the busts.

Dec 10, 2019 08:03

USMCA updating trade? & Aramco opens more investment

A deal has been reached to ratify the USMCA deal, and it could be signed by 2020. Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital is on hand to explain how this could reshape the US’ trade policy. Plus, more than a year after the Monsanto acquisition, Bayer’s stock has taken a rocky tumble. Mike Papantonio of America’s Lawyer breaks down their spate of lawsuits and how the company has performed. And later, Saudi Aramco has opened its IPO to even more investment. David McAlvany helps us understand how this could affect the world’s largest IPO going forward.

Dec 7, 2019 07:54

Tesla in line to get major Chinese subsidies

Electric car maker Tesla is looking to get major subsidies from China for the company’s factory in Shanghai. Lauren Fix the Car Coach explains how this could help Tesla make a profit after a $2 Billion investment. Plus, Sara Montes De Oca breaks down the new rules Airbnb is making in order to crack down on house parties after a deadly shooting at a rental in California.

Dec 6, 2019 11:05

Strikes freeze France & Huawei sues FCC

The streets of France have erupted in strikes against a pension reform proposal from the Macron government. We take you on the ground in Paris where RT correspondent Charlotte Dubenskij brings us the latest. Plus, the US trade deficit has fallen to recent lows in the midst of the ongoing trade war, but what does this mean for negotiations going forward? We break it all down and analyze much more with Todd Horwitz of Bubba Trading. And in yet another front of the trade fight, we follow up on the realm of telecom as Huawei makes some major moves against the US government. RT correspondent Sara Montes de Oca lends us a hand to sort through the latest in Huawei’s lawsuit against the FCC.

Dec 5, 2019 09:33

Japanese trade deal & antitrust shaking Alphabet?

Trade hopes with China continue to stay on shaky ground, but the US is now looking to another Asian country to boost trade. Richard Wolff of the Economic Update lends us a hand to break down the new trade deal with Japan, and how markets have been reacting on renewed trade optimism. Plus, as antitrust concerns have heated up, one major tech giant has made some major moves. TG Watkins of Simpler Trading joins the show to sift through Google’s recent shakeup. There is a new space race underway, but maybe not in the old school sense. RT correspondent Natasha Sweatte show us how companies are racing to launch their own space exploration projects.

Dec 4, 2019 08:34

Trans-Atlantic trade spat & Lagarde locks in

The US and France are waging a tariff war of words as the nation’s leaders meet in London. Hilary Fordwich of the British-American Business Association is on hand to dig into the details and how a tech tax is driving the escalation. Plus, as Christine Lagarde has taken the reins at the ECB, she has already made some firm commitments for the central bank. Professor of Economics on Patreon Steve Keen joins us from Amsterdam to break down the bank’s move and how central banks have come under fire around the globe.

Dec 3, 2019 08:14

New tariff front & role of the WTO

The US and China continue to trade blows as tensions ramp up amid negotiations. Greg Swenson of Brigg MacAdam breaks down how the situation in Hong Kong has had an impact on the talks, and the new trade front that the Trump administration has opened up. Plus, as China and Russia continue to face heat from the US, the two nations have teamed up yet again, this time on a major energy project. RT correspondent Sara Montes de Oca helps us understand the project, and the implications it could have for power development in Asia. The WTO has come under fire from groups across the political spectrum for decades, but just what exactly is the role of the organization? And how do they affect trade across nations? Lori Wallach of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch brings us up to speed on the moves of the mysterious giant.