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America’s Lawyer

Trial lawyer hall-of-famer Mike Papantonio hosts a new primetime weekly show called ‘America’s Lawyer’, examining and exposing untold truths in corporate and environmental legal cases with a no-holds-barred approach in addressing bad lawyers and corruption among federal and state judges.

Oct 17, 2019 07:57

CIA spoon-feeding networks dirt on Trump

Mike Papantonio and Trial Lawyer magazine editor Farron Cousins discuss how federal courts have been flooded by Republicans under Trump’s presidency, filling over one hundred vacancies left by Obama.

Papantonio and Cousins also cast the spotlight on the now-infamous attorney Michael Avenatti, who is being charged with fraud, embezzlement, extortion, and tax evasion.

Investigative journalist Ben Swann breaks down the cozy relationship between federal intelligence agencies and the media.

Plus, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victims has expanded a lawsuit to include Epstein’s estate as well as his accomplices, including long-time confidante and suspected madam Ghislaine Maxwell.

Oct 10, 2019 07:21

Corporations defend DACA: Don’t deport our cheap labor!

Mike Papantonio and Trial Lawyer magazine editor Farron Cousins walk us through just why so many large corporations are jumping to the defense of DACA, which will be challenged in the Supreme Court this November. They then discuss Elizabeth Warren and the looming threat she poses to Wall Street and Big Tech, should she win the Democratic nomination. Then, RT’s Brigida Santos breaks down a report showing how Jeffrey Epstein’s company Southern Trust managed to secure over $200 million in funding even AFTER he’d been convicted of pedophilia. Plus, legal journalist Mollye Barrows talks about the sentencing of former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger for the murder of Botham Jean in his own apartment last September.

Oct 3, 2019 07:15

‘Treasonous’ Trump, vaping epidemic & SAFE banking for cannabis industry

Mike Papantonio and Trial Lawyer magazine editor Farron Cousins take aim at the political fervor surrounding impeachment proceedings against President Trump. They then discuss the ABYSMAL regulation of e-cigarettes. Attorney and former DC councilmember LaRuby May walks us through a case of child suicide at a DC charter school. Plus, legal journalist Mollye talks about the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act. This bill would protect from prosecution banks who do business with the cannabis industry. Could this be a GIANT step forward for federal marijuana reform?

Sep 26, 2019 07:40

Purdue Pharma coughs up: Beginning of the end for US opioid epidemic?

Mike Papantonio and Trial Lawyer magazine editor Farron Cousins break down Oxycontin manufacturer Purdue Pharma’s recent bankruptcy filing, and ask whether its $10 BILLION settlement is enough to compensate for the irreparable harm its highly addictive opioid has done to millions of Americans.

Papantonio and Cousins then talk about how a Florida judge has denied Epstein victims compensatory damages, sticking to the terms of the embarrassingly lenient “sweetheart deal” brokered in 2007 by former labor secretary Alex Acosta. 

Then, host of RT’s Redacted Tonight Lee Camp gives his take on a recent report by Heliyon that points to over 100,000 cancer cases in the US linked to contaminants found in our drinking water. With Trump’s recent rollback of the Clean Water Rule, why does it seem like public health under this administration has fallen by the wayside?

Plus, legal journalist Mollye Barrows discusses the recent firing of former California judge Aaron Persky from his coaching position with a high-school tennis team. The firing stems from backlash associated with the former judge’s extremely light sentencing of Stanford swimmer Brock Turner for raping 22-year-old Chanel Miller behind a dumpster.

Sep 19, 2019 08:57

Predator Epstein wined & dined with tech giants at ‘billionaires’ dinner’

Mike Papantonio and Trial Lawyer Magazine editor Farron Cousins re-visit the saga of Jeffrey Epstein, this time focusing on his connections to BIG names in the tech and education fields. Even after news of sexual abuse allegations flooded the media, Epstein continued to rub shoulders with figures like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk at elaborate “billionaires’ dinners” hosted by the Edge Foundation, all while funneling money to MIT scientists to keep the institution’s research community in his corner.

Papantonio and Cousins then discuss the shutdown of liberal news outlet ThinkProgress. Funded by DC think tank Center for American Progress, was the site’s termination a form of soft censorship against left-leaning journalists hoping to breach topics BEYOND unseating Trump?

Then, host of RT’s “Watching the Hawks” Tyrel Ventura breaks down an FBI report that indicates immigration activists are being monitored as potential “violent extremists.” With the lack in evidence of physical altercations or ties to anarchist groups, what’s the deal with flagging these people protesting migrant detention?

Plus, legal journalist Mollye Barrows talks about Trump’s latest push to ban flavored vapes in an effort to curb children and adolescents from being attracted to fruity flavors. Though touted as a “safer” alternative to cigarettes, hundreds of cases of lung disease linked to vaping have been popping up across the country.

Sep 12, 2019 09:01

Overcrowded, neglected & infected migrants

Mike Papantonio and Trial Lawyer Magazine editor Farron Cousins discuss how the YouTube platform, once revered as a user-based medium for free speech, has been banning or flagging certain videos using an algorithm that hunts for ‘inflammatory’ keywords. But the algorithm’s inability to separate hate speech from social commentary has silenced many users who’d hoped to give their alternative takes on divisive issues, fueling fears of censorship by the tech giant.

Papantonio and Cousins then talk about the House Majority Forward PAC that is funneling tens of millions of dollars to combat the new wave of progressives in Congress, and to ensure the survival of establishment Democrats with deep ties to big money corporations.

Then, VP of the American Immigration Lawyers Association Allen Orr walks us through the squalid conditions of migrant detention centers across the country. Federal mismanagement of healthcare professionals and supplies have led to horrific accounts of neglect within these overcrowded facilities, allowing for the rapid spread of disease like the measles and mumps among migrants and their children.

Plus, legal journalist Mollye Barrows brings to light the rampant issue of sexual assault within our armed forces. While the media has been quick to jump on stories of Harvey Weinstein, Larry Nassar, and Jeffrey Epstein, it seems little thought is given to the toxic culture of sexual abuse among our men and women in uniform.