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America’s Lawyer


Trial lawyer hall-of-famer Mike Papantonio hosts a new primetime weekly show called ‘America’s Lawyer’, examining and exposing untold truths in corporate and environmental legal cases with a no-holds-barred approach in addressing bad lawyers and corruption among federal and state judges.

Oct 7, 2021 07:34

Chevron corporatized courts against environmental attorney

Chevron convinced courts to jail the attorney who defended Ecuadorians hurt by toxic wastewater. 131 federal judges oversaw cases involving companies they owned stock in. Juul products remain unbanned despite reports of seizures.

Sep 30, 2021 06:48

War on WikiLeaks: CIA wanted to kidnap & assassinate Assange

The CIA planned to kidnap and assassinate Julian Assange in its war against WikiLeaks. Lawmakers vote to end US support for Saudi Arabia’s airstrikes in Yemen. Pfizer recalls anti-smoking drug Chantix over cancer concerns.

Sep 23, 2021 06:50

Pentagon apologizes for killing 7 Afghan children

Twenty-four Republican AGs allege Biden’s vaccine mandate is illegal. Is it? Virginia Giuffre sues Prince Andrew for multiple counts of sex abuse. Former Olympians testify that the FBI failed to stop Larry Nassar from abusing teen gymnasts.

Sep 16, 2021 05:49

20 years later: FBI declassifies 9/11 ‘Operation Encore’

The FBI has declassified Operation Encore, which links 9/11 hijackers to Saudi nationals living in the US. The DOJ argues the TX Heartbeat Bill is unconstitutional. Beech-Nut discontinues baby-food products tainted by toxic heavy metals.

Sep 9, 2021 07:11

Post-Afghanistan war hawks still want more military spending

The EPA has reapproved the deadly pesticide Paraquat. The Afghanistan withdrawal won’t stop lawmakers from increasing our military budget by $25 billion. The DOJ investigates Peloton over treadmills which caused the death of a child.

Sep 2, 2021 08:09

80+ US generals demand resignations over Afghanistan disaster

After the botched Afghanistan exit, nearly 90 retired US generals have demanded resignations from Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley. SCOTUS strikes down the latest eviction moratorium. A 21-year-old hacks 50 million T-Mobile customers.