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The Alex Salmond Show


Former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond hosts a new political chat program, ‘The Alex Salmond Show’, on RT, where he vows to battle the mainstream media narrative and take the news “out of the Westminster nexus.” ‘The Alex Salmond Show’ will take viewers inside the Welsh, Irish and Scottish parliaments, also looking at the government of Northern Ireland, not forgetting Westminster.

Feb 27, 2020 07:59

The Sinn Fein breakthrough

The Alex Salmond Show looks at this month’s Sinn Fein breakthrough in the Irish Republic elections, and asks Professor John Tonge of the University of Liverpool and top political blogger, Slugger O’Toole, what the implications are for the future of Ireland — North and South.

Feb 20, 2020 07:57

No room at the inn?

Will the UK help the child refugees of Europe? The government says it will fulfil its obligations without legislation but campaigners within and outside parliament argue that they will need to force the issue back to the top of the political agenda. Alex speaks to actress Debbie Arnold, whose mother was saved by kinder transport, and Angus MacNeil, an MP who proposed a child refugee bill in the last parliament.

Feb 13, 2020 08:00

Coronavirus: A global pandemic?

Is a global pandemic now inevitable or can public health measures hold up the transmission of the new coronavirus until a vaccine rides in to the rescue? The Alex Salmond Show interviews two world experts with contrasting views on the most likely outcome. Cambridge University virologist Dr. Chris Smith fears that the virus may already be widely circulating in Western countries and that a pandemic on the scale of the Spanish flu a century ago is a real possibility. Dr. Mark Honigsbaum, author of ‘The Pandemic Century’, argues that the early morbidity rate from China is probably overestimated and an outcome similar to the swine flu outbreak of 10 years ago is more likely. This still killed 200,000 people worldwide. Both experts agree that there is huge uncertainty and great cause for concern.

Feb 6, 2020 08:03

Labour leadership race

After their calamitous defeat in the Christmas election, who will inherit the Labour leadership crown from Jeremy Corbyn? Described by one of the candidates as the “worst job in British politics,” Alex casts the rule over the four runners in the race, with political commentators Professor Richard Murphy and Steve Richards.

Jan 30, 2020 08:01

Europe – a fond farewell?

On the eve of Britain leaving the European Union the Alex Salmond Show asks whether there is cause for celebration or commiseration. Alex interviews long serving MEP Claude Moraes as he prepares to depart the European Parliament for the last time, Secretary General of campaigning group New Europeans, Roger Casale, and hosts a debate on Britain’s future European relationships between born again Brexiteer Lembit Opik and lifelong European Lord Dafydd Wigley.

Jan 23, 2020 09:20

The homeless are ever with us

With homelessness rising The Alex Salmond Show returns to this seemingly intractable social issue and features both direct action from the homeless “SWAT” teams on the streets of London and the university which has moved from social studies to practical help. Both projects can claim success but do they provide a comprehensive answer or are the homeless, like the poor, now ever with us?