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The Alex Salmond Show


Former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond hosts a new political chat program, ‘The Alex Salmond Show’, on RT, where he vows to battle the mainstream media narrative and take the news “out of the Westminster nexus.” ‘The Alex Salmond Show’ will take viewers inside the Welsh, Irish and Scottish parliaments, also looking at the government of Northern Ireland, not forgetting Westminster.

Dec 5, 2019 09:33

No homage to Catalonia

The Alex Salmond Show talks to the Catalan independence campaigners on the streets of Barcelona and answers the question of why, despite substantial popular support and admiration for the conduct of their cause across Europe, they have had little official backing from other countries – and none at all from the institutions of the European Union. Alex is in discussion with Elisenda Paluzie of the Catalan National Assembly and former UK Ambassador Craig Murray.

Nov 28, 2019 11:12

The Catalan struggle - on the streets to online

In this week’s Alex Salmond Show, we ask whether the standoff between the Spanish Government and Catalan independence campaigners is going to move from on the streets to online? The Catalan Digital Minister Jordi Puignero claims that the Spanish Government has taken draconian powers to shut down the internet in any part of Spain, at any time. While Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has warned that there won’t be Catalan independence - either offline or online.

Nov 21, 2019 08:02

The election pantomime

As we approach the half way point in the UK’s Christmas election, the Alex Salmond Show summons back our celebrated panel of political pundits to analyze the campaign to date. In the blue corner, we have Peter Oborne, in the yellow, Lembit Opik, in the red, Professor Richard Murphy and from the tartan corner, Ruth Wishart. Our experts tell us who's up, who's down and who is likely to emerge triumphant from the political pantomime.

Nov 14, 2019 08:05

The Catalan crisis – the human cost

In the first of a series on the political crisis in Catalonia, the Alex Salmond Show looks at the position in the aftermath of the Spanish general election. This first show turns to the human cost of the draconian prison sentences imposed on nine independence campaigners by the Spanish Supreme Court last month. Alex interviews Laura Masvidal and Txell Bonet, whose husbands have each been sentenced to nine years imprisonment for their part in organizing or defending the Catalan referendum of October 1, 2017.

Nov 7, 2019 09:26

Lucy’s law

With MPs off to their constituencies preparing to become candidates once again, the Alex Salmond Show demonstrates that there is political life beyond Brexit. Alex interviews top TV vet, Marc Abraham, about his organization of the successful cross party campaign which resulted in Lucy’s Law, which from next April will regulate the sale of puppies. Animal rights may not top the election agenda, but it mobilizes millions of people across the country.

Oct 31, 2019 08:15

The christmas election

With the UK now set for the first winter general election since February 1974, The Alex Salmond Show summons a panel of political commenters to forecast the likely course of the coming campaigns. In the blue corner, Born-Again Remainer Peter Oborne crosses swords with the yellow corner’s Born-Again Brexiteer, Lembit Opik – while, in the tartan corner, historian Michael Fry places this Christmas poll in its historic context.