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10 Dec, 2013 19:13

Russian MPs blast West for interference in Ukraine and ‘aggravating’ situation

Russian MPs blast West for interference in Ukraine and ‘aggravating’ situation

Russian lawmakers have voiced concern over the “interference” of foreign officials in Ukraine’s internal affairs and open calls by some western politicians to oppose the decisions of a legally elected government, which “aggravates” the situation.

Ukraine’s geopolitical choice is an internal and sovereign right of its people, the State Duma’s deputies said in a statement on anti-government protests in the neighboring country. Russian MPs urged western politicians to stop putting pressure on Ukraine.

The Lower House has also called pro-EU protesters to stop illegal actions and solve all problems within the framework of the law.

Unsanctioned rallies, blocking access to state authorities [buildings], as well as the seizure of administrative buildings, rioting, and destruction of historic monuments lead to destabilization in the country and may cause serious negative economic and political consequences for the Ukrainian population,” reads the document, supported on Tuesday by 444 out of 450 deputies.

The State Duma called on all political forces in Ukraine to search for a peaceful solution to the situation.

Mass anti-government rallies began about three weeks ago, after President Viktor Yanukovich backed away from signing an association agreement with the European Union.

The head of the Duma committee on international affairs, Aleksey Pushkov, believes that the entire situation is based on a myth that for Ukraine association would mean its accession into the EU - which is not the case.

For Ukraine, signing the agreement would mean that it would “unilaterally depend” on the union, the MP said on Tuesday, during the Duma’s discussions about their statement on the developments in the neighbor state. That would result in EU advisors being placed in practically every key Ukrainian ministry, and having control over its financial and national programs, Pushkov stated, as cited by Interfax.