Interview with Tina Khidasheli

This is day two of Georgia’s opposition anti-governmental rally, and the number of supporters is less than on the previous day. Tina Khidasheli, one of Georgian Republican Party leaders, commented on the situation.  

“It’s a weekend and we are not expecting as big a rally as yesterday. I do not think that it is normal when you have thousands of people standing in the streets every day. We are planning to have another big rally on Monday. So the government has a weekend to think about all the proposals we have made to them. ‘Proposals’ – I am going to point out this word, because we are proposing a solution, the most democratic and most civilized one. If we have a political crisis in the country – we go for the elections. So Saakashvili has a very simple choice – choose democracy and go for elections, or choose something else,” Tina Khidasheli said.