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9 Aug, 2021 10:53

Anti-LGBT Russian MP gets warning from Human Rights Council after call for gays to be ‘sterilized’ & kept in ‘shelters’ like cats

Anti-LGBT Russian MP gets warning from Human Rights Council after call for gays to be ‘sterilized’ & kept in ‘shelters’ like cats

A notorious Russian MP, known for making inflammatory remarks, has dubbed gay people the “lowest stage of development of the animal world” and called for the country’s homosexual population to be “sterilized” like stray cats.

Answering a journalist’s question on his TikTok account, Vitaly Milonov also proposed opening shelters for gay people, where they would be housed and fed. The video now appears to have been removed.

“We have to be humane,” Milonov said. “How do we fight stray cats? We sterilize them. And gays should be sterilized, too.”

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“Of course, you cannot compare cute cats to gays,” he continued, before dubbing homosexuals the “lowest stage of development of the animal world.”

In response to the inflammatory comments, the head of Russia’s Human Rights Council, Valery Fadeev, called on the MP to mind his language and stop calling for people to break the law.

“It seems to me that, just as in Soviet times, the party committee should deal with him. It is not right if an MP has not read the Russian Constitution,” Fadeev said. “You can have a negative opinion towards gays and the LGBT community, but a politician should watch his language and should not publicly call for breaking laws.”

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The latest comments aren’t the first time Milonov has made comments about gay people. The outspoken MP is notorious in the West for his homophobic views, and was the most vocal proponent of Russia’s 2013 so-called ‘gay propaganda law,’ which seeks to prohibit minors from exposure to LGBTQ material. In the time since, he has proposed numerous outlandish laws, including a ban on men walking topless along the street. He also suggested that fathers who fail to pay alimony should not be listed as male on their official documents because “a real man will never abandon his kids.”

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