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28 Nov, 2019 21:22

‘No man would abandon his kids’: Anti-gay MP wants malicious alimony non-payers to be deprived of ‘gender identity’

‘No man would abandon his kids’: Anti-gay MP wants malicious alimony non-payers to be deprived of ‘gender identity’

Men skipping their alimony payments is a huge problem in Russia, but MP Vitaly Milonov has a radical solution – removing mention of gender identity from the passports of debtors so that they can’t remarry.

Large debts in child-support payments can lead to fines, travel restrictions, a ban on driving cars or even a prison term of up to 12 months, according to Russian law. But more than 800,000 men still avoid paying alimony, owing a total of 100 billion rubles (around $1.5 billion) to the country’s mothers and children.

If all those measures prove ineffective then non-payers “should be deprived of mention of their gender identity in their passports. Their sex should be changed in the IDs to ‘unspecified,’” Milonov suggested.

A real man will never abandon his kids. If he did so, then he’s not a man. That’s why we must remove the mention of his sex and write: ‘no sex.’ In this case, he won’t be able to get married.

Russian law strictly specifies marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

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The parliamentarian also believes that those with alimony debts should be barred from striking various deals and thoroughly investigated by the state so that they can’t pose as “paupers” to avoid payments.

“As soon as they divorce, they quit their jobs; say they don’t have houses or apartments anymore,” Milonov said, describing the tactics employed by wrongdoers. “Probes on the level of income of the debtor must be carried out to find out what places he visits, what things he buys.”

Milonov, who became famous for his anti-LGBT crusade, while being a local legislator in St. Petersburg, joined the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament, in Moscow in 2016 and has been the source of many disputable ideas since then.

His ‘greatest hits’ include forbidding topless men from walking the streets; putting warning signs on burgers; banning sales of candy to kids under 14; making Halloween celebrations illegal; outlawing sex shops and free porn sites as well as introducing prohibition in Russia to prevent the country from “drowning in tons of poisonous brew.”

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