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23 Jul, 2019 14:50

Anti-gay MP wants topless men banned from Russian streets

Anti-gay MP wants topless men banned from Russian streets

Strolling in underwear or without a t-shirt on is only acceptable at home or on a beach, pro-Christian values MP Vitaly Milonov has stated, comparing men who opt for such ‘outfits’ in any other setting to chimpanzees.

“I demand an administrative ban on walking in the street topless,” Milonov, who became famous for his anti-gay crusade, said.

This is the self-identification of people with less than a third-grade education, and the level of self-expression of a chimpanzee.

However, the MP clarified that he had no problem with ladies wearing short skirts. “I’m only talking about strolling without your t-shirt on; about men with bare chests. It’s wrong from an esthetic point of view,” he said.

What Milonov has only started talking about has already been implemented in Rome. The Italian capital, which is visited by millions of tourists every year, has outlawed topless people from June, introducing a fine of €450 for perpetrators.


Since being elected to the Russian State Duma in 2016, Milonov appears to have championed controversial initiatives. His most notable proposals were: putting warning signs on burgers; banning sales of candy to children under 14, to fight obesity; making Halloween celebrations illegal, as the holiday “draws kids to Satan and suicide”; outlawing sex shops and free porn sites and introducing Prohibition in Russia to prevent the country from “drowning in tons of poisonous brew.”

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