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15 Jul, 2021 12:36

Bizarre scene in Russia as couple have scrap & cover elevator in blood… before coming back to clean it all up (DISTURBING IMAGES)

A video from the Russian city of Ekaterinburg has gone viral after a couple was filmed having a bloody fight in the elevator of an apartment building. Shortly after, the pair returned to the scene of the scrap and cleaned it up.

Footage released online shows the woman entering the lift before the man runs after her, swinging his fists. The young couple continue to beat each other for some time, covering both their hands and faces in blood.

After some time, the pair notice a security camera and leave.

However, most surprisingly, perhaps realizing they’d be on the hook for a cleaning bill, the couple later returned with cloths and a bucket of water, wiping the lift completely clean.

According to regional online newspaper E1, this isn’t the first time the pair have been seen fighting. Citing a local, the publication claimed that the two lead an “asocial lifestyle,” with neighbors often complaining about loud music coming from their apartment.

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Ekaterinburg, Russia’s fourth-most-populated city, is famous worldwide for being the place where Tsar Nicholas II and the country’s royal family were killed in 1918, during the revolution.

The city made the news earlier this week when a local print shop refused to print merchandise of Korean ‘K-pop’ band BTS, the company concerned alleging the group was linked to “non-traditional” sexual orientations and dubbing the boyband a gateway to “perversion.”

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