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8 May, 2020 03:07

Bonny & Clyde, who? WATCH 10yo carjacker FLEE Russian cops with 4yo toddler as ‘accomplice’

Bonny & Clyde, who? WATCH 10yo carjacker FLEE Russian cops with 4yo toddler as ‘accomplice’

A 10-year-old boy and his younger sister sparked a bizarre GTA-style car chase in the Siberian city of Tomsk after the pair grabbed hold of the family vehicle and went for the ride of their lives, which police won’t soon forget.

On a seemingly typical evening in Tomsk, a city of half a million people in western Siberia, the unsuspecting parents of the duo were busy shopping at a local store – that is, until the siblings-in-crime snatched the keys to the family’s SUV and went for a joyride – sending the whole city into a frenzy.

The preteen mastermind turned out to be not such an able driver, or he was simply showing off his daredevil skills for his younger sister (boys will be boys) – that we may never know – but his reckless driving nonetheless soon caught the eye of the local police.

Even with patrol vehicles in hot pursuit of the SUV, the boy was unwilling to give himself up, speeding into oncoming traffic and forcing other cars to make sharp turns to avoid a head-on collision. The situation was made worse by the rainy weather, which even on a normal day increases the risk of traffic accidents.

The chase was captured by cams on the back and front of the vehicle. While the 10-year-old kept it cool during the incident, the toddler began sobbing and calling for mom, prompting the boy to try to sooth her.

“It’s ok, my girl. Don’t cry. They’re not going to get us… Those cops just can’t catch us,” the boy could be heard saying.

Eventually, the inevitable happened and the young driver lost control of the car, veering off the road onto railroad tracks.

“It’s over, my darling,” the boy told his baby sister when their excursion finally came to an end.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident. The naughty kids were examined by medics and returned to their mom and dad. The parents, however, are now facing administrative charges for failing to supervise their rambunctious children.

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