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18 Apr, 2020 14:08

High-octane STREET CHASE in St. Petersburg ends with drunk driver’s overturned car HANGING over river (VIDEO)

If God watches over drunks and fools, as they say, this man is a living testament. After failing to shake the police in a car chase, he found his car flipping through the air – and balancing on the edge of a river.

The outcome of the entire escapade, which would be more at home in an action film rather than on the streets of Russia’s second-largest city, was filmed by a CCTV camera. It shows a speeding Hyundai Solaris darting towards a tiny bridge across the Moyka River, cutting thought St. Petersburg’s historic downtown. The bridge proved to be a false escape for the reckless driver, however, since it’s only suitable for pedestrians. He tried to make a sharp turn at the last possible moment, only to flip over and ram right into the guardrail separating the embankment from the river.

Luckily for him, one of the supports of the barrier absorbed most of the momentum before collapsing. The car ended balancing on its roof right on the edge, rather than plunging into the cold water and potentially drowning the driver. Several patrol cars chasing the ‘racer’ reached the site, and police officers pulled the man out and dragged him away from his vehicle.

The police said nobody was hurt in the incident and the driver turned out to be heavily inebriated. According to local newspaper Fontanka, the car attracted police attention because it was moving too quickly through the center of St. Petersburg. When ordered to stop for a check the driver instead sped away, starting the ill-fated chase.

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