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CHILLING VIDEO captures snow-covered passengers traveling on Russian bus with broken vent window

CHILLING VIDEO captures snow-covered passengers traveling on Russian bus with broken vent window
Muscovites have been complaining about a lack of snow this winter, but people in other regions of Russia have experienced no such shortage. Commuters in Norilsk even got caught in a blizzard while traveling inside a bus.

‘Rainy Taxi’ is a famous work by Salvador Dali, which comprises an actual car, equipped with a system of pipes that create rainfall inside the vehicle. In a case of life imitating art, a passenger vehicle in the city of Norilsk, inside the Arctic Circle, could similarly be described as ‘Snowy Bus.’

It may sound funny to some, but surely not to the passengers of one local bus. Bizarre footage shared on social media shows them covering in snow while traveling to their destination, with a thick layer of snow on the floor of the vehicle. People also seem to be enduring a strong wind on the bus, with the whole scene resembling a blizzard from an apocalyptic Hollywood blockbuster.

The Norilsk mayor’s office confirmed the authenticity of the clip, saying that the incident occurred on Monday and was caused by a broken ventilation window during a storm with winds of up to 30 meters per second.


Commenters on social media pointed out that it wasn’t the first time that such an incident had occurred, and this seems plausible judging by how calmly the passengers reacted to the inconvenience.

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