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24 Dec, 2019 14:25

No patient too small: Russian vets perform successful surgery on a COCKROACH (VIDEO)

No patient too small: Russian vets perform successful surgery on a COCKROACH (VIDEO)

Every life is precious for a true doctor and Russian veterinarians have proven this again, after successfully performing surgery on a cockroach. The insect some may find disgusting may, to others, be a favorite pet.

The Archimandrita cockroach originates in the South American jungle, but it has found true love and care in the cold city of Krasnoyarsk in the heart of Siberia.

When a female roach experienced serious health problems, the owner didn’t give up on her. The man rushed to the vet clinic, despite it being a lot easier and cheaper to buy a new insect.

The local animal doctors had never dealt with such a tiny patient before – a grown Archimandrita reaches around eight centimeters – but they just couldn’t leave the poor thing unattended. 

The roach’s pregnancy had encountered complications. She failed to retract the cocoon in which her offspring develops inside her body. It remained outside, at risk of infection.

The bug needed an urgent operation, which was performed with the use of three painkillers – an internal drug, a local anesthetic and gas anesthesia, so that the patient would feel comfortable.

The nano-surgery was a success, with the doctors removing the egg pouch from the cocoon, which allowed the patient cockroach to properly retract it.  

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The medics compared their work to the plot of the famous Russian fairytale about a craftsman named Lefty, who was skilful enough to make horseshoes for a flea.

The bug was returned to the happy owner and is expected to make a full recovery. “We wish the best of health to the beauty,” the vet clinic wrote on social media.

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