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18 Dec, 2019 10:24

Russia's new 5gen supersonic stealth Su-57 fighter jets ace all objectives in Syria trials – Chief of Staff

Russia's new 5gen supersonic stealth Su-57 fighter jets ace all objectives in Syria trials – Chief of Staff

The testing of Russia’s most advanced combat aircraft has yielded superb results, a senior military official has revealed, as the stealth aircraft enters its mass-production phase.

The jets “have successfully accomplished all of their tasks” during trials in Syria, Chief of General Staff General Valery Gerasimov told a group of foreign military attachés on Wednesday.

Gerasimov said that the campaign against militants in Syria has provided a “new impetus for further improvement” of all types of weaponry, including airborne. He added that the Air Force has taken delivery of 139 warplanes of various designs this year.

The Su-57s flew their first combat missions in Syria last year. They are already in mass production and the Air Force is set to commission 76 brand new fighters by 2028.

Due to their maneuverability and supersonic features, the twin-engine stealth Su-57s are set to become the backbone of Russian aerial superiority during warfare.

The jet’s unique airframe is said to render it virtually invisible to enemy radars. At the same time, the plane can spot ground and aerial targets from 400km (248 miles) away, while tracking 62 targets simultaneously.


The Su-57 is set to be fitted with ‘smart’ guided bombs and will reportedly get a highly maneuverable hypersonic missile, similar to Kinzhal (Dagger).


Aside from being capable of destroying ground and aerial targets, the plane has been filmed performing impressive acrobatic stunts at air shows.

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