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Rage against the (bureaucratic) machine: Putin says AI could ease Russia’s red tape woes

Rage against the (bureaucratic) machine: Putin says AI could ease Russia’s red tape woes
If you’re feeling worn down by red tape and bureaucratic wrangling, artificial intelligence could be the key to smoother public administration, while also offering greater transparency, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

Speaking at an AI-focused tech event in Moscow on Saturday, Putin cautioned that some safeguards are still necessary when using artificial intelligence, but that it represents a huge development in overcoming “the inertia and sluggishness of the bureaucratic machine.” 

Another benefit to the tech is in allowing people to see “what the authorities are doing and what they are motivated by when taking certain decisions,” the Russian leader added.

Russia’s notorious red tape – complete with a vast array of state and regional bureaucrats – has been an issue across the country for decades. The situation has improved somewhat of late as more citizen-state interactions are done through computers.

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For AI to be more efficient, Putin said, it has to have wider access to various data – but there’s a fine line between that and encroaching on privacy rights. While “unnecessary hurdles” impeding the development of AI must be lifted, the Russian president said this shouldn’t be allowed to chip away at people’s rights or interests and in general AI teams should have a clear goal of why they’re creating it at all.

Technology must not be invented for its own sake.

Putin also urged tech researchers to harness AI so that it best serves mankind, helping people ensure sustainable development and improving the quality of life.

The two-day ‘Artificial Intelligence Journey’ event drew some 5,000 people, including representatives of over 1,000 companies working in the AI sphere.

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