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Russians turn flooded streets into Riviera with boats & airbeds (VIDEOS)

Russians turn flooded streets into Riviera with boats & airbeds (VIDEOS)
Some savvy residents of the southern Russian city of Krasnodar did not let the citywide flood caused by torrential rains get them down. Instead, they turned the misfortune into a fun fair.

The rain, which has poured over the city since early Sunday July, 21 has made 30 low-lying streets of the city completely flooded and impassable by nightfall. A number of people, however, decided such trifles should never stop them.

As a result, a variety of videos sprang up on social media, showing locals either lounging in the water on their airbeds or scooping through the streets on boats and paddle-boards.

One person also practiced crawl swimming – where else? – at a supermarket parking lot.

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Some did not look quite as cheerful, though – for example, this misfortunate delivery man, trying to battle through the floodwaters on his bicycle.

Or this woman – walking barefoot almost knee-deep in the rainwater.

So far, the water level in some parts of the city has reached 20 centimeters.
But that’s not all for Krasnodar: Russia’s EMERCOM has issued a storm warning for July 21 and 22, with “heavy rains, heavy showers combined with thunderstorms, hail and squall winds” expected.

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