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14 Jul, 2019 09:56

Russian adventurer wants to go around the world 3 times on giant yacht to break 9 world records

Russian adventurer wants to go around the world 3 times on giant yacht to break 9 world records

Russian explorer Fedor Konyukhov has announced plans to make a triple round-the-world voyage aboard a custom-made giant yacht, weeks after returning from his record-breaking solo ocean crossing on a rowboat.

Now, I want to build a big 76-meter-long yacht to sail around the world and to break nine world records. I want to take three spins [around the globe] without [entering] ports,” Konyukhov, a renowned adventurer, said on Saturday.

He noted also that his voyage would not last longer than 80 days, but hasn’t mentioned when exactly the triple circumnavigation will set off.

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In May, Konyukhov finished stage one of the most recent of his ambitious expeditions – a solo rowboat voyage – having battled through the turbulent waters of the southern Pacific Ocean from New Zealand to Cape Horn.

Not long after his return, he’s already tested out a new prototype solar-powered plane, flying it from Moscow to Crimea earlier this week. The flight was in preparation for yet another round-the-world expedition – this time by air. The global flight is expected to take place in 2021.

To date, Konyukhov has sailed around the world five times. He’s also crossed the Atlantic 17 times and has become the first Russian to complete the Explorers Grand Slam: he conquered the highest mountain peaks on all seven continents and visited both the North and the South poles.