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Stabbed man wanders through Russian hospital with knife EMBEDDED in his back (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Stabbed man wanders through Russian hospital with knife EMBEDDED in his back (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
A half-naked man with a huge knife stuck in his back was caught on camera stumbling around a Russian hospital, zombie-like, in search of a smoke. The graphic footage shows the weapon still embedded as he wanders outside.

The bloody patient identified only as Vladimir, 34, was reportedly being treated at the Zelenodolsk central district hospital in Tatarstan on Monday when he insisted on going outside to smoke a cigarette.

Video footage of the heavily intoxicated man shows him wearily walking outside the hospital – against the orders of medical professionals – wearing nothing but his underwear. Worried doctors can be heard telling the patient that this smoke break could be his last, eventually convincing him to come back inside.

Warning: Contains graphic scenes some may find upsetting

The victim luckily only suffered minor injuries, according to the region’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, which told Russian news outlet Tatar-inform that “the knife entered 2cm and rested against the bone,” sparing him from serious organ damage.

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Police were reportedly called to the scene to help control Vladimir, whose girlfriend is now being investigated as a possible suspect in the attack. The man, lucky to have escaped major injury, reportedly remains in hospital in a stable condition after undergoing surgery.

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