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22 Jan, 2019 18:44

Scandalous model & sex coach involved with billionaire Deripaska released from custody

Scandalous model & sex coach involved with billionaire Deripaska released from custody

Belarusian model Nastya Rybka and sex coach Aleks Leslie, whose theatrical detention in a Moscow airport made headlines earlier, have been set free. Belarusian leader, Aleksandr Lukashenko, reportedly played a part in the release.

A court in the Russian capital has ruled against detaining Rybka and Leslie, who are accused of inducement into prostitution. The scandalous duo was released on own recognizance, meaning they’d have to show up for the hearing when called.

Earlier, the Belarusian president’s press secretary said that Lukashenko “was aware of the situation” with Rybka and that “an order was given to facilitate the release of the Belarusian citizen.” Leslie has a Russian passport.

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When pressed on the model’s liberation, Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei replied that “all of the president’s instructions are executed implicitly, efficiently and on time.”

He didn’t confirm that the Foreign Ministry negotiated the model’s release with Russia, only saying that “it was a joint effort.”

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The video of the duo’s detention went viral last week as the model resisted the law enforcers at the Sheremetyevo Airport, shouting: “I don’t want to go anywhere” and wriggling like a snake. She was eventually placed in a wheelchair due to refusing to walk on her own.

Rybka and Leslie, whose real names are Anastasia Vashukevich and Aleksandr Kirillov, arrived in Moscow after being deported from Thailand. They spent almost a year behind bars there after being arrested for organizing illegal sex courses for tourists. A Thai court eventually found the pair and six of their associates guilty of labor law violations, sentencing them to time served in pre-trial detention and suspended terms.

While in jail, Rybka and Leslies appealed for political asylum in the US, saying they were willing to share what they knew of the alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

The plea was left unanswered, despite the woman claiming she learned the information while partying on a boat with Russian aluminum and energy tycoon, Oleg Deripaska. This connection was what made the Belarusian model famous in the first place.

Rybka wrote a book about her fun time with the billionaire and his friends as proof that the methods of teaching women to seduce wealthy men professed by Leslie were highly effective.

She didn’t disclose any names, but her writing was used by Russian opposition figure, Aleksey Navalny, to accuse Deripaska of corrupt ties with the Kremlin. 

The billionaire dismissed the claims as “nonsense” and achieved a court order to ban the distribution of Navalny’s investigation in Russia over violation of privacy. He also successfully sued Rybka and Leslie, with the judge ordering them to compensate the tycoon with 500,000 (around $8,000) each for disclosing details about his private life.

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