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15 Jan, 2019 14:27

Sex coach and student involved with Russian billionaire Deripaska get suspended sentence in Thailand

Sex coach and student involved with Russian billionaire Deripaska get suspended sentence in Thailand

A Thai court has ruled that a sex coach and a female student linked to Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska should receive suspended sentences and be deported to their home countries for hosting illegal sex-training courses.

The ruling, which came after Aleksandr Kirillov and Anastasia Vashukevich pleaded guilty at the Thai trial, seems to have brought a conclusion to their brush with the Asian country’s law.

Kirillov, better known as Aleks Leslie, and Vashukevich, better known as Nastya Rybka, became instant international celebrities in February last year, after becoming entangled in Russian politics.

Rybka wrote a book about her attendance at parties hosted by Deripaska, the Russian aluminum and energy tycoon, detailing sex escapades and personal habits of the host and other attendees. She was careful not to name anyone, however. Her accounts were largely unknown to the public until prominent Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny noticed them.

Navalny, whose political activity is based on criticizing Russian officials and exposing alleged corruption, seized the opportunity to highlight Deripaska’s friendship with a senior official in the Russian government. He said this proved a corrupt connection between the two.

The businessman dismissed the scoop as sensationalized nonsense and successfully petitioned a court to order the ‘investigation’ to be banned in Russia for violating his privacy. He also filed and won a civil lawsuit against Rybka and Leslie, who retold her stories as evidence of his lesson’s usefulness, for disclosing details about his private life, winning about $8,000 from each in damages.

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Leslie poses as a sex coach that can train a woman how to seduce wealthy men, and Rybka was used as a living success story. The two initially tried to capitalize on their newfound fame. However, they soon got into trouble in Thailand, where Leslie held one of his training courses.

A total of eight people were arrested for what the Thai authorities initially considered a prostitution ring. While in jail, Rybka publicly appealed to the US government, offering to share what she knew about Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election – secrets she presumably learned on board Deripaska’s boat – in exchange for bailing her out. This led nowhere, however, as is the case with many Russiagate stories.

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The charges against the “sex educators” were eventually downgraded from those carrying a jail term of up to 10 years to mere labor-law violations. On Tuesday, a Thai court sentenced the eight defendants to time served in pre-trial detention and suspended terms, as well as ordering their deportations, an RIA Novosti correspondent reported from the court house. It is believed that Leslie will now go to Russia, while Rybka will return to her home nation of Belarus.

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