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14 Jan, 2019 09:31

‘Step aside so I don’t run you over’: Moscow driver escapes tow truck in crazy VIDEO

‘Step aside so I don’t run you over’: Moscow driver escapes tow truck in crazy VIDEO

In the non-stop humdrum of modern city life, few are more reviled than clampers and tow truck operators, who prey on those in a rush. Every once in a while, however, a hero appears and says “No more.”

In footage shared across social media on Sunday, a visibly frustrated Moscow driver pleads with authorities to free his car and leave him on his way. “Let’s wait for the traffic police,” the disinterested tow truck operators reply repeatedly throughout the tense but short-lived standoff.

“Film whatever you want,” the unnamed man replies, ”but put the car down.” After a few moments, he decides enough is enough.

“Step aside so I don’t run you over,” he warns before climbing onto the back of the truck and into his car.

Footage of the incident has been viewed over 65,000 times on Twitter, with many applauding the man’s efforts, regardless of the damage his car sustained in the process.

“Man, we’re with you!” wrote one Twitter user, while another described the scene as “GTA Moscow city” in reference to the wildly popular Rockstar Games franchise, Grand Theft Auto.

Some might say the sacrificed bumper and damage to the car was worth the glorious freedom. Others were more despairing in their assessment, however, appearing to highlight the futility, and expense, of the man’s escape.

It is unclear as of Monday morning whether authorities have managed to track down the tow truck escapee.

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