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4 Oct, 2021 16:34

Wayne Dupree: Nine months in, and the Joe Biden experiment has been such an abject failure that we’re a laughing stock

Wayne Dupree: Nine months in, and the Joe Biden experiment has been such an abject failure that we’re a laughing stock

Inflation’s on the march, gasoline and energy prices are soaring, Covid’s killed 700,000 of us, illegal migrants are surging over the border, and government debt’s out of control. Biden’s solution? Spend more money we don’t have.

Allow me to expand a little today. We have a majoritarian electoral system,  winner-takes-all based on geographic districts and states, with an intentional constitutional bias towards the rural as reflected in the Senate and electoral college.

That means there will be only two political parties capable of winning elections and wielding power at the national level.

In turn, that means presidential elections typically involve making the least-worst choice.

After almost nine months into his presidency, it should be abundantly clear that Joe Biden was the worst choice.

Let’s not forget that Biden is not a newcomer to politics. We have watched this gaffe-machine guy lie and plagiarize throughout his almost 50-year, taxpayer-funded career as a politician. So, to think he will suddenly change into Thomas Jefferson during his dwindling time in the office doesn’t make sense. 

Biden was elected as the steady hand on the tiller promising to unite Americans. In other words, a moderate. Instead, he sides with the progressives on the merry-go-round, hoping to snare the brass ring or the Nobel Prize, ignores the military in the Afghanistan debacle, permits over a million uneducated, unskilled immigrants (some with Covid) to flow across the border, and cripples the domestic energy industry, making us more reliant on OPEC. 

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All achieved in just a few short months. Way to go, Joe.

His priority is to throw more money that we do not have at Americans in the hope of securing political advantage. I am positive that this is not what people voted for.

A country that has lost 700,000 people to a disease that should have never been created or allowed to escape a lab and whose nation of origin engaged in a cloud of lies about its transmissibility, is a country that should be raging with fury against the Chinese.

But it gets worse. In this country, people can lose their jobs for not getting vaccinated. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of people enter the country illegally who are not vaccinated, and are known to carry some diseases, are dispersed all over the nation.

This scenario describes a nation that is mentally, morally, and ethically enfeebled. Just look at its president, who suffers the same three afflictions.

I was speaking to my next-door neighbor last week, and he said, “There are only two reasons Biden is even in Washington; Democratic leaders thought he was the least non-electable of their choices, and then they made sure he won. There would be no repeat of 2016 when they didn’t do enough, and a commoner was elected. Then they experienced four years of fear of being exposed and could only attack; it was their only option.”

How can I argue with that?

Media pundits often refer to the Democrats as a “big tent” party, a confederation of disparate regional and class interests, different ethnicities, and races.

The more apt metaphor is to describe Democrats as a party of doctrinaire ideologues too devoted to their orthodoxies to agree on much of anything.

Waiting for them to fail are the Republicans, once also a confederacy of disparate interests for whom compromise was not a moral evil. Today that Republican Party is dead.

The Trump party exists to fight an endless guerrilla war against whatever the Democrats seek to accomplish. They have alienated all but angry middle-class white men seeking to resurrect a mythic past. Today our nation faces crises only government can solve.

But the party of Trump believes the government is the problem and can never solve our current crisis, while the Biden party prints money with abandon, only to throw it at all the wrong targets.  

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Here’s a question for Democrat voters: How is this Biden thing working out? Anyone making over $50,000 will soon have their taxes increased. We’ve got a racial divide that makes Barack Obama’s tenure look unifying. The crisis at the border is at a 20-year high. Inflation is the highest for 13 years (Biden took over with a 1.4% inflation rate and that’s gone up every month and currently stands at 5.3%). We’ll soon have government debt of an eye-watering $35.9 trillion. Violent crime up in almost every Democrat city (murder up 30% in 2020). The crisis in Afghanistan continues after the bonehead decision of pulling American troops before every American was safe resulting in 13 young American soldiers dying. We’re teaching six-year-olds they are racist because they have less melanin than another. Gas is approaching $4.00 a gallon, natural gas prices are soaring 180%, and consumer confidence is at a 10-year low.

What’s that new ridiculous term Democrats are using? Build Back Better?

Biden is making it very clear to Americans that big government – or at least his version of it – is not the answer to the many problems in our country, but is just making things worse. His first nine months have been bad, but it seems we are just getting started on this three-year progressive program of government overreach. 

Let’s assume both Biden’s infrastructure bill and the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better plans get over the finish line. Where will the government find the workers to execute their plans? The Green New Deal sounds great until you realize the power grid can’t handle the electricity demand, and all the solar panels and rare earths are manufactured and processed in China.

Hail Mary, full of grace, pray for us Americans under Biden’s presidency.

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