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2 Sep, 2021 14:44

Wayne Dupree: Biden’s abandonment of Americans in Afghanistan is unforgivable and must NEVER be forgotten

Wayne Dupree: Biden’s abandonment of Americans in Afghanistan is unforgivable and must NEVER be forgotten

Joe Biden deserves to be labeled the worst president ever for his callous and incompetent handling of the Afghan evacuation. He should be removed from office – even if that means Kamala Harris stepping up to the top job.

As the scramble to leave Afghanistan first got under way, the early reports suggested that there were thousands upon thousands of Americans in the country. Then representatives of the Biden administration stood in front of the nation every day claiming they didn’t know exactly how many were in the region. And now his generals are saying there are “several hundred” Americans still stranded – abandoned – out there. 

Neither the press nor anyone in the Biden-Harris administration has the integrity or moral courage to address that discrepancy, to which we have become accustomed in this never-ending shambles.

Now that the ‘commander-in-chief’ has left behind uncounted citizens, allies, and billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment in Afghanistan, the question of removing him surely has to be on the table.

It’s sad when politics overrule justice and doing the right thing. The president should be impeached, but impeachment now seems to be little more than a partisan political tool used when the Democrats and Republicans see fit. It has nothing to do with accountability, or justice.

Impeachment would require the Democrats to put their country ahead of their party, which is something alien to most of them. I guess time will tell if they can get their priorities right, but there is no question that Biden must go, one way or another.

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There is no getting around the tragedy of 13 deaths of service members. If the MSM had an ounce of integrity, they would be questioning almost every aspect of this disaster. For starters, why announce the pullout in Afghanistan to all our enemies and then tell them the timeline? That’s spectacular stupidity, with tragic consequences. Rest assured, the madness of the Biden withdrawal will be measured in human loss for years to come.

The handing over of Bagram Air Base and its military equipment has to be questioned, too. It is located well outside of Kabul, so there was an obvious opportunity to destroy it. Biden intentionally chose not to, and now we have to witness the chilling spectacle of the Taliban showing off their captured weapons.

I believe a US-controlled security perimeter at Bagram would have been much more effective, and I say that as a veteran and someone who has spent time at American installations in Saudi Arabia and observed the extent of the security there. The idea that US security would not have been better than what the Afghans provided is ludicrous.

The fear now is that this error of judgement will live on in infamy by  leading to a massive 9/11 scale terrorist attack on the US, or one of our allies, that will ultimately bring us back to Afghanistan. And if that happens, we will be left to reflect on how our own shortsightedness blinded us from the bigger picture, and our hubris led us to think the war was over just because we were leaving.

It’s very difficult to put into words my thoughts on a president who would abandon hundreds of American citizens and perhaps as many as 60,000 Afghans – who are now targeted for death because they helped us, even though they were promised resettlement here. 

And on top of this, there’s the issue of destroying any trust that NATO had left in us. What a mess.

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At home, it’s no better. Biden has allowed a situation to unfold where we cheerfully accept any illegal on our Southern border who games the system by saying he’s afraid to go back to his home country. This is ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Mad Hatter-level craziness.

We who too often sit on the sidelines of the political show – doing nothing, staying silent – must accept that we own in part Biden’s total failure, as we have allowed him and others like him to ‘camp out’ for decades, doing nothing other than fattening their portfolios. There has never been a clearer lesson for true term limits for the House and Senate to be made the law of the land than Biden’s failure in Afghanistan. After eight months, he is already the worst president in our nation’s history.

Regrettably, the evacuation has not ended the conflict. We will almost certainly see an increase in the number of threats coming from Afghanistan – and their severity – and they will have to be met with force. But without Bagram as a base, we will have to rely upon long-haul drone strikes and questionable intelligence information, which together will result in the random killing of innocents, including children. Will the American people tolerate that?

Our republic cannot survive four years of Joe. We might struggle through the rest of this year, but even that looks to be a challenge.  Because, let’s face it… no one really knows who is making the decisions. Biden has filled his cabinet with people of no moral fiber, so there are unlikely to be any resignations or disclosures. It will be one major, life-threatening debacle after another as long as he stays. Further, he is setting in motion malignant changes to the structure of our republic that will burn their way through the body politic long after he is gone.

Once the thought of Kamala Harris as president struck fear in my heart. Most people now realize that everything is relative. Nothing could be worse than what we have seen so far and will continue to see.


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