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17 Dec, 2020 13:55

Wayne Dupree: The revenge of the Establishment is complete – the deep state Trump sought to overcome has conspired to defeat him

Wayne Dupree: The revenge of the Establishment is complete – the deep state Trump sought to overcome has conspired to defeat him

In the end, the President who valiantly tried to take on the Washington elite, one man against many, has been crushed by them. We, the American people, now need to finish the task he started.

​It now seems increasingly likely that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have gotten away with the “f-word” and will be sworn in to the White House on January 20.

​At every level, the courts have deemed the overwhelming evidence of electoral fraud as insufficient to even justify a full hearing, let alone the enforcement of the law. The administration of justice in America increasingly resembles that of the Third World, where political and ethnic affiliations determine outcomes. 

Even I, almost inured to our nation’s decline, have been shocked by the blatant evidence of cheating and the inaction of the justice system in the face of such criminality. Factor in the media constantly pushing an almost 100 percent negative slant against Trump at every turn, and where does that leave you?

​It leaves you with the sickening knowledge that the establishment – the deep swamp that is the Washington machine – has won. Again. It has triumphed over Trump. And trampled all over us. Again.

President Trump entered the political arena as an outsider, determined to end this dodgy racket. Many of his friends and supporters who knew him from his life successes believed he had the charisma, skills and determination to get this job done. 

Unfortunately, being an outsider limited his political abilities, and his options to gather individuals around him whom he could trust. It was soon clear Trump was not fighting just against Democrat opponents, but many members of his own party too – the ones who were also signed up members of the Washington elite, and who, like their blue counterparts, opposed his plans to end their cozy setup.

Many of the politicians and officials who served in Trump’s White House or administration didn’t share his views. Things would have been a lot different if they had. President Trump was one man fighting against 10,000 enemies. I might hurt some people’s feelings by saying this, but, while well meaning toward the country and understanding of what we needed, he was unable to protect himself from the evil that is the establishment. 

It conspired to defeat him by any means possible, as the election interference has demonstrated. Can this cheating yet be fixed? The jury is still out, but it’s not looking good.

​Even if Trump somehow manages to pull off the election, which is a long shot, he will be faced with the impossible task of governing, because so many have turned their backs on him from the Republican side – namely, all the establishment figures. Not just the likes of turncoats such as George W. Bush, Colin Powell and Mitt Romney, who prominently said they were backing Biden, but others too. Do you think Mitch McConnell, who’s congratulated Biden on his ‘win’, is sad that Trump ‘lost’, or privately happy?

​The US system’s other great fault is that we have 50 different states making different rules and enforcing them in different ways, and voting that is overseen by more than 3,000 different counties, each with their own procedures. It’s a fraudster’s wet dream. That could be easily corrected, except that the legislators charged with fixing it benefit from it.

​​This particular saga is apparently now over. But if 50 percent of the country refuses to believe that, then the US government’s lack of legitimacy will be clear for everyone to see.

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Those waiting for the conservative-dominated Supreme Court to ride to the rescue have been left disappointed. ​I have always made it my philosophy to ignore Supreme Court politics ever since David Souter’s appointment in 1990, and his subsequent abandonment of all his principles. The Supreme Court  justices have demonstrated that there really is no need to have them in recent years. They try to function more as a legislature instead of their intended purpose, which is to decide constitutionality.

As I’ve pointed out before, even the judges appointed and defended by President Trump turned their backs on him and the vote fraud. These justices will soon have some new colleagues, with the Democrats promising to pack the court with six new progressive members. However, the so-called ‘conservative’ judges will still draw their salaries and enjoy being part of the establishment. I'm sure they will get invitations to all the right cocktail parties, and be patted on the back for abandoning Trump and the people.

We really shouldn’t be shocked. Our government, our Department of Justice, and our intelligence agency attempted a coup on a sitting President and nothing happened to anyone. Not one thing. When that failed, they put the electoral fraud job into motion, so as to achieve their victory. And they’re getting away with it. Again. The courts are just corrupt and have no intention of righting any wrongs. 

Face it, the notion of a government by the people for the people no longer exists. We are just taxpaying serfs to the political class.

The powers have shown their hand. Now it is up to us, the American people, to decide what to do next. Only a revolutionary movement can effect revolutionary change, and finally drain the swamp. 

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.