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15 Dec, 2020 18:07

Wayne Dupree: Supreme thwart - Trump’s three appointees to the nation’s top court have traitorously thrown him to the wolves

Wayne Dupree: Supreme thwart - Trump’s three appointees to the nation’s top court have traitorously thrown him to the wolves

We backed Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to SCOTUS in October when liberals bleated she would throw the election for the President. So what did she and her fellow conservatives do when they had the chance? They betrayed him & us.

So the Supreme Court has decided not to hear the Texas challenge to the 2020 Presidential election, just about ending President Trump’s hopes of staying in the White House.

The case centred on Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia choosing to usurp the Constitution and allow judges to change election law. That task should lie with state electors, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, judges stepped in and made the decisions. Texas claimed what the states did was illegal and should not stand. Many Americans believed the lone star state had a good case, with nearly 20 more states siding with them.

The Supreme Court chose not even to hear the case.

This was the Court that had three Trump appointed justices, and a conservative majority of 6-3. This was the court to which, after a rancorous hearing in October, Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s latest pick, was appointed. The woman the left had kittens about, predicting how she’d use her position to steal the election for Donald, her boss. Slate’s take — featuring a headline crying, “Amy Coney Barrett’s First Votes Could Throw the Election to Trump” — was just one of many.

So what did Coney Barrett, and the other, so-called conservative, Trump picks, Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, do? They cowardly betrayed the president who nominated them to their jobs for life. On their backs are giant yellow stripes. 

They not only betrayed President Trump, but all of us, their defenders and supporters, even faster than Former Associate Justice David Souter, the ‘stealth candidate’, did between 1990-2009.

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Stop the steal? They’ve endorsed it... 

They didn’t steal the election for Trump, as the liberals feared, but stood by and allowed the Democrats to steal it. 

SCOTUS, the American Department of Justice, all the courts, have no credibility. Learn your lesson from this, and in the future, do not even pay attention to Supreme Court picks. Do not work yourself up or be fooled, again: they will double-cross you.

This ruling will go down in history as one of the worst since Dred Scott in 1857. What the Supreme Court is saying is that individual States can now act lawlessly in violation of the Constitution and Federal Law, and it will stand by and watch. The Court no longer has any credibility.

This decision is a perversion of the Constitution and the principles and concept of the USA.

Say 50 neighbors share a well, and there are agreed-upon rules for using the well to protect the health and safety of all who share it. A few of these neighbors decide to throw trash and toxins down it, which breaches the agreement, and the polluted water damages the health of other neighbors upholding the agreement. These polluters’ actions effectively void the efforts of those honoring the agreement to ensure everyone’s health. And they have no standing to sue the polluters for violation of the agreement and consequent harm?

I expected Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer, and likely John Roberts, to pervert logic, sense, reason, intellectual honesty, and the law, for ideology. The really sick part is the three Trump appointees. I am sure they feel like they made a tough and ethical decision and feel righteous, but they were stupid, myopic, and crass. They can cite cases and so on, but they do not understand the structures and relationships set up by the Constitution and interdependence, which creates the USA.

To deny Texas, and other states, standing before SCOTUS on a matter that directly affects the plaintiffs opens the floodgates for all kinds of illegal, noxious, and malicious activities. Per this SCOTUS ruling, states no longer have the right to hold other states accountable for constitutional compliance on matters that affect all. Nor does a state like Texas have the right to defend its #1 industry (oil & gas) from malicious and fraudulent acts committed by a small number of Democrat strongholds, who intend to drive that industry into the ground during the Biden administration.

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A ruling that brings Civil War - and partition - closer

The Government seems to feel that acknowledging corruption in our election process would result in a lack of government confidence. Still, the reality is by not acknowledging clear and obvious fraud, corruption and the lack of law and order is what will cause the collapse of the United States of America as we know it today.

We have two choices, a Civil War or a Constitutional Convention. Unfortunately, I don't think the tyrants in power will allow such a convention. Texans are seriously talking about secession. If they do, I predict at least 30 States will follow immediately and another 10 within a year. 

Major Financial and Tech businesses will immediately move to Texas and the other Southern States because that is where the national resources are. The country will break into three: the Heartland, The Northeast, and the Left Coast. The Northeast will quickly become a Third World communist nation with no friends, not even Canada. The Left Coast will only extend about 50 miles inland. The Eastern parts of California, Oregon, and Washington will break away. The Coast would become a de facto Communist satellite of China, ensuring its eventual destruction.

I truly fear that the Democrats and the deep state are about to bring about America's Dark age.

I have watched this travesty of a Kabuki theater pan out over the last three and more months. I do not know for certain what the future will bring; I am not a lawyer, nor am I blessed with a crystal ball. 

I know this, however: anyway you look at it, the USA we knew and loved is gone, drowned in a plague of wokeness, left-leaning cabals between Big Tech, mainstream media, the Democrats and the deep state, and an election that was little more than a farce.

The coup is almost complete. It has taken them four years to remove a US citizen who dared to infringe on and work against the ruling elite. It’s payback time for them, a return to the full-speed sell out of all that remains good about America. China must be watching, waiting and loving it.

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