US Supreme Court news

US Supreme Court
Follow RT on the judiciary branch in US, including Supreme Court of the US, which is the highest federal court of the US. According to Article Three of the US Constitution US Supreme Court has ultimate jurisdiction appellate jurisdiction over all federal and state courts. Get the news and information on functions, work and actions of the US Supreme Court, as it is the final interpreter of federal law. RT covers news on US Supreme Court, its activities and statements, workload and staff, including judges. Moreover, find the news on Trump’s relations with the Supreme Court of the United States and its Justices. Get the news and updates on about appointments and resignations, etc. of the judges. Moreover, read the news on US Supreme Court rulings, as there are some being banned, some are authorised, including ones on the most controversial matters like migrant policy. RT covers these and other most important issues on US Supreme Court’s rulings, so don’t miss the news on that. Finally, don’t miss the news on Trump administration’s response on actions of US Supreme court, and of course of RT experts and authors reaction and viewpoints.