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19 Aug, 2020 10:55

The opening of Democratic party’s convention just confirms it: Their platform is about nostalgia and weirdness

The opening of Democratic party’s convention just confirms it: Their platform is about nostalgia and weirdness

Aside from featuring a really weird music video, the opening night featuring Michelle Obama & Bernie Sanders showed that the Democrats have no real platform aside from Obama sentimentality and blaming Donald Trump for everything.

Given the issues with Covid-19, the Democrats here in the United States have decided to hold their convention online. It is taking place over a number of days and features speakers from all over the Left. The opening day did not go well. 

The most hilarious moment might go to an incredibly odd music video that even progressives like Kyle Kulinski are calling“the moment Trump got re-elected.” Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro joined in the mockery saying that Trump would be president forever.

To add insult to injury, Mike Cernovich pointed out that the online views for the convention on Periscope were minuscule. To put this in perspective, a good chunk of the Democrats voting block is woke Twitter. Only having 1,600 people watching demonstrated that they can’t even get millennials on their favorite social media platform to watch what they have to say.

When you get to the meat of what was actually discussed during the first day, it moves from ridiculousness to desperation. One section of the event was devoted to blaming Donald Trump for seemingly everything coronavirus-related. The irony of this was that they got Andrew Cuomo to denounce Trump – when the New York governor is infamous for having put the infected in nursing homes and putting the elderly, the most vulnerable to the disease, at deadly risk.  The Associated Press has estimated that the amount infected and killed by this idiotic move was four times as many New Yorkers as died on 9/11. Way to go, Cuomo.

Then came Michelle Obama to be another talking head. Her entire speech felt like she was trying to remind people that Joe Biden was the vice president of the beloved Barack Obama. The problem with nostalgic speeches is that one person's nostalgia can be another person's nightmare. 

The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump as president of the United States is a reaction to the Obama presidency. Given that the Dems had John Kasich, a former Republican, on their show, you can tell that they didn't think this through. Any Republicans who tuned in to see what Kasich had to say are going to be fully aware of Trump being a response to Obama. You're not going to win them over – because they didn't like Obama either. 

On top of that, there are many progressives out there who don’t think Obama was progressive enough. They dislike him for the fact that the policy of separating families of migrants arriving at the US border began under Obama. And for being a president who claimed to be pro-peace, but who dropped tens of thousands of bombs during his presidency on seven different countries, among them Libya, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. This included 3,000 more bombs in 2016 than 2015, taking his grand total of strikes for the year to at least 26,171. The supposed peacenik left the White House having authorised ten times more drone strikes than George W Bush and having been at war for longer than any President in US history. Imagine what might have happened if he was pro-war? Essentially, Michelle Obama's speech renders itself completely irrelevant.

For even more laughs, Bernie Sanders was trotted out to do his usual stick of bending the knee. I mean, he already did it for Hillary Clinton, so I assume it's something he's used to. And during his speech he came across as completely incapable of being self-aware. The man who has praised Fidel Castro and the Sandinistas called Donald Trump an authoritarian.

On the second day, the same Senator Sanders ended up becoming a point of discussion again. This was when Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave a speech that seconded the nomination of Bernie Sanders as opposed to casting support for Joe Biden. The absolute hilarity of all of this was that the Democrats were trying their hardest to show that they’re united. Given that Ocasio-Cortez tends to speak for the more radical wing of the party, there’s obviously some salty feelings towards Biden being the nominee. This is, of course, despite the fact that Biden beat Sanders in the primary much easier than Hillary Clinton did.

As for the rest of the second day, it was the second verse same as the first. A lot of ‘Orange Man Bad’ without much discussion of policy. More old-guard Republicans were trotted out as well. One was the wife of the late senator John McCain, the other being former secretary of state Colin Powell. The strategy here is not much smarter than the Obama-era nostalgia. These are remnants of the “Neocon” era of the Republican party, which Trump is also a response to. Why on earth would this convince a Republican to vote for Biden? These were the same people that let them down before!

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Then there’s the walking #MeToo moment himself, Bill Clinton. He had the gall to lecture another human being on how the Oval Office should be used. Given Bill’s history, it comes across like a stone wrapped in a stained dress being launched out of a glass house. 

Looking at the first two days of the Democrats’ convention, one can hardly discern any strategy. This is a political party that has no plan beyond trying to convince the world that Donald Trump is Satan. There's nothing there to assure their progressive base that they're going to go in a progressive direction. There's also nothing to convince moderates that the country will be in stable hands after a vice presidential pick – Kamala Harris – that seems to have hurt Biden in the polls. There wasn't even any discussion of policy. The entire broadcast was pure pandering.

If the first two days of the party’s convention is an indication of how things are going to go from here: Donald Trump is going to comfortably win re-election. Then again, the Twitter reactions to the broadcast made me think that the progressives are even second-guessing whether or not they think that's a bad thing.

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