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13 Jul, 2020 16:14

Wayne Dupree: The Left is showing epic panic because they know a November loss is on their doorstep

Wayne Dupree: The Left is showing epic panic because they know a November loss is on their doorstep

The Left’s anger is intense because they were so close to success with their riots, and now they’re terrified Joe Biden will lose his election showdown with Donald Trump.

I understand the anger and the impulse to vent about it, but this is not the time. Venting may help you feel better, but it doesn't help the cause, it only encourages others to think it's a lost cause, so why bother?

It’s time to put things in the proper perspective, which is that the re-election of President Trump takes priority over your anxiety. It's time to stand your ground, regardless of your fears. It’s time to “man up.”

The American Left has taken the hammer and sickle of Marxism and is using them to trample out the vintage where the fields of liberty were born. To them, anything in writing must be destroyed because that is history. That explains why they must topple statues and ban books, and even thought. To feel anger, one must have thought, and that's suddenly passé. You would be better off in a zoo according to the Left, whose candidate for office belongs in an assisted living facility.

Without thought, the great masses become sheep, all the more easily led and controlled. And what is control? As George Orwell said: “He who controls the past controls the future, and he who controls the present controls the past.”

The elite has taken that phrase, and they control the press and the courts; therefore they get to define the present, the past, and the future. They have loosed the Marxist lightning of their terrible swift swords, and with that, their truth is marching on most social media sites as well as the reliable propaganda outlets. And presto chango! In just a matter of months, a new crime has arisen, white privilege.

Does that call for anger or merely relating the facts? But who controls the facts, and what is the outcome when facts are ignored? For instance, look at James Comey and his statement that Hillary Clinton couldn't be convicted of a crime. She may have committed a crime, but presto chango, she's been washed clean by the magic of a press release.

Then there's the other side of the coin. Trump stands convicted of every social faux pas imaginable, and all press releases related to him bring into focus his Dorian Gray moment.

The anger of the Left is so intense because they were so close to success. Any candidate but President Trump would have folded under the pressure. The Left knows their screed of rioting and destruction has a limited shelf life. They pulled it out too early because they are panicking.

But if you're angry or sad, you're still human. And if you're a thinking sapient, then you're a criminal under the new regime. To them, your constitutional rights are a matter of abject scorn because you're a matter of abject scorn, a deplorable.

The Left is attempting an Atlas Shrugged moment, where every white person alive must be made aware they have nothing to offer to the woke society. And there will be no Winston Smith coming to clear you of the charges. If you show anger, you are still thinking, and your thoughts are a danger to the elite. While the elite sit back and count their ducats, nothing is too high for them to sacrifice to get back the reins of power they lost when the public arose and attempted to throw off the shackles of the NWO and globalism.

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By the way, while an increase in gun possession can be intimidating, my bigger concern is the ability of said new owners to use their guns effectively when needed. Owning is much different than using. Are these people taking any classes on gun use? I have a fear of someone buying a .380 and then buying a box of .45 shells because the box said “cartridges” and they were cheaper.

Here's another take on today's situation. If Donald Trump is SOOOO terrible, there must be a million reasons why you should not vote for him. Saying he is a meanie is not sufficient. The Left cannot articulate a policy of his that disqualifies him. Other than, of course, his desire not to have open borders. If the Dems want to run on open borders, they are free to. Maybe they are for allowing China to cheat on trade deals. They should run on that. Maybe for tearing down all our monuments. They should run on it. Heck, they are.

Our leader is President Trump. Every one of the rest of us should do whatever we can to help and avoid doing the things that are not helpful. Whining about your fears does not help him get re-elected and could hurt the cause by dispiriting others.

As I said earlier, man up and control your emotions rather than allow your anxiety to control you.

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