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10 Jul, 2020 13:25

‘All who don’t kowtow to BLM must be destroyed’ – this new Inquisition wants to dismantle the America we know

‘All who don’t kowtow to BLM must be destroyed’ – this new Inquisition wants to dismantle the America we know

The real purpose of Black Lives Matter has become apparent. They are not a social movement about racial equality, but rather a secular, fundamentalist dogma devoted to subjugation and destruction.

Recently, in a conversation with a lady friend at my apartment, we began to discuss political bits and to have a bit of playful debate. During the course of the discussion, we ended up on the issues of awful policing and race. Though we had some common ground when it came to the need for more police transparency and more focus on constitutional respect, we disagreed on Black Lives Matter. Specifically when it came to my bringing up many of my recent articles, discussing the pressure they put on artists

Though I’ve discussed the trained Marxists of Black Lives Matter and how their tactics may lead to Donald Trump’s re-election, there hasn’t been much discussion about what makes the movement tick. Specifically what its members are all really about and how they ignore issues that affect the black community. They place blame at the feet of people that aren’t even related to current issues either, instead deflecting to a completely different “big bad” as if they’re living in Alabama circa 1950. 

The first thing that comes to mind is that the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t about improving the lives of black people. This is something even CNN anchor and BLM supporter Don Lemon admitted in a discussion with Terry Crews, in a mask-slipping moment. When it comes to black-on-black crime, Black Lives Matter is oddly silent. When they do address it, they blame “systematic racism.” The problem is that if something is systematic, you need to be able to reference a system that is inherently racist causing these issues. That system is never named. 

Well, what about the issue of fatherless families in the black community? According to the Anne E. Casey foundation, there was a sixty five percent or more percentage of fatherless homes among African Americans during the years 2009-2018. United Families International’s research has shown that boys fatherless from birth are three times more likely to go to jail than an intact family. Black Lives Matter’s response is hilarious. 

So, instead of addressing that particular issue that causes so many black men to end up in jail in the first place, they want to “disrupt the Western-perscribed nuclear family structure.” This is like thinking that the cure for cancer is more cancer. 

But, like Don Lemon said, not all black lives matter to Black Lives Matter. Even though the opposite is said on that previously-cited beliefs section of their website, their actions certainly do not impact that. For example, what the heck do American black citizens have to do with Palestine? 

What’s worse is the actual behavior of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is a secular dogma that is enforced with a fervor that one could compare to the Conquistadores or the Inquisition. However, their behavior is dictated by the dogma of “woke.”

Those who are not sufficiently woke must be destroyed. As Damian Wilson described in his recent op-ed on that topic, “The infantile belief in a world split down the middle into good and bad accepts no shade whatsoever.” If you have done something years ago that Black Lives Matter does not agree with, you must be destroyed. 

If a black man is shot by a white cop, no matter the circumstances, your city will be destroyed. One city may not be enough, so they destroy more. Then their friends in the media will do articles outlining the “charity” groups that will bail them out of jail. All must swear fealty or you will lose everything, because if you do not swear fealty you will be branded either a racist or an “Uncle Tom” depending on your melanin.

Much of this comes from the idea of a power structure. The idea is that there is a prevailing “white supremacy” in America, and that this “white supremacy” is keeping black people down. According to Black Lives Matter, black people simply aren’t good enough to rise to prominence, so white people must give up everything to them for “justice.” 

This mentality reeks of bitterness and self-defeat. It slaps every self-made black man in America straight in the face, and then expects them to like it. This isn’t unlike the Marxist ideas that they seem to like. Everything is based on power structure and impression. Personal responsibility and problem solving have no place in a philosophy based on perpetual victimhood. 

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Speaking of Marx, he didn’t like black folks very much

It’s self-evident that this is a resurgence of dogma and calls for censorship, combined with a violent streak. The elements of BLM that pressure artists to self-censor or bend the knee come from the same school of censorship as Fundamentalist Christians circa the Satanic Panic, or the PMRC. The more violent parts of BLM come across like The Weather Underground but with rioting instead of bombings. The politics aren’t much different. Both the Weather Underground and Black Lives Matter believe in an “original sin” of “skin privilege.” 

It is not as if these beliefs are devoted to anything positive. They believe only that the world as it is cannot be saved. There is no redemption. There is no individuality. You are only your skin color, and all who do not kowtow to BLM must be destroyed. There is no acknowledgement of facts. No acknowledgement of actual problems. Just deflection and blaming people of another skin color. 

If this were white people blaming black folks for all their issues, you’d think we’d be talking about the Alt-Right. As such, America needs to reject Black Lives Matter, because they want to dismantle America as we know it. 

If we don’t, it doesn’t matter what skin color you are. You will be forcefully converted to the Church of Woke, and can never leave.

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.