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6 Jul, 2020 18:14

In the unforgiving world of woke, there’s no room for personal development. One misstep decades ago and you’re tarred for life

In the unforgiving world of woke, there’s no room for personal development. One misstep decades ago and you’re tarred for life

Boeing’s communications chief is the latest to lose his job after historical shaming over an article he wrote 33 years ago. Why can’t the woke brigade accept that people can evolve and change their views over time?

Despite the urgent need to attend to the catastrophic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic pinballing around the aviation industry, it’s a sad sign of the times to see Boeing’s communications chief leave his job over a magazine article he wrote more than 30 years ago.

In the piece he penned for the magazine of the US Naval Institute, Niel Golightly wasn’t flying the flag for neo-Nazis, nor was he extolling the virtues of pedophilia. 

It was a clumsy article about women in the armed forces that has done it for Golightly, making him the latest victim of the self-righteous narcissists who patrol the world of gender politics with a take-no-prisoners attitude.

They don’t care that it was more than three decades ago. They don’t take into account that Golightly was then a 29-year-old serviceman in the world of macho military pilots during the Cold War, and that his article simply reflected a then widely-held belief.


To the self-appointed custodians of woke, he is an unreconstructed misogynist who must be shut down. And if that means being sacked from a top job at one of the world’s biggest aircraft manufacturers in the middle of its own horrendous crisis, then so be it.

Because you, sir, are a sexist pig.

Before anyone starts howling with outrage about Golightly’s views and women haters in the US military, remember that women were only allowed to take up close combat ground roles in the British armed forces in 2016. Just four years ago. And it was only two years ago that all roles in the UK military were opened to women.

The woke don’t care about such nuances. They are only satisfied when their prey is brought down and the messier, as far as they’re concerned, the better. This is typical psychopathic thinking – characterized by a lack of empathy and remorse. 

It’s frightening and it’s not rare.

Life has become increasingly unforgiving. The woke brigade insist that you are still the same person now as you were in your developing years, which is simply illogical.

Look at former gang members who turn their lives around and spend time touring schools, dissuading others from following in their initial footsteps. What about Oskar Schindler, or Nelson Mandela? No one who knew their younger incarnations would have believed the men that they became. Should we just blacklist them because of who they once were, instead?

The infantile belief in a world split down the middle into good and bad accepts no shade whatsoever. There is no understanding of the evolution of character.

The problem pages in that bible of wokeness, the Guardian, are fertile ground for victim hunters. One chap was wondering whether he should try to ruin a homophobic school bully who made his own life as a gay student unbearable. His tormentor is now married to a man himself and apparently well-liked by those who know him.

Oh, and the bullying took place 50 years ago.

So what does our friend want to do? Meet up, shake hands, say all is forgiven?

No. He wants to pull the rug of lifelong happiness out from under the feet of the bully and expose his past to friends and family.

“I want them to know the truth. Should I tell them on Facebook? I feel angry and tormented,” is the bleating little lamb’s thinking.

There’s no thought that perhaps the bully has changed. For one, he’s gay himself. So clearly there has been a quantum shift in values and fairly major personal rethink.

The question is not, ‘How do I forgive?’ It’s ‘How can I exact a toll to make the most damaging impact?’

So, no forgiveness then. Not even a passing thought of it, even after 50 years. Nope, he wants revenge…on Facebook, that safe space for psychopathic narcissist cowards.

Look at me. Look at what I’m doing now. Do you like me? Please like me. Here’s a photo of me with all my friends. See how many friends I have. Will you be my friend? 

Oh, lord, it goes on and on.

Look at all those comedians we love to laugh at, pathetically scrabbling to apologize to whoever they think they must apologize to, for making jokes that are no longer allowed to be funny.

Broadcasters are scrubbing shows from their listings, dropping repeats and box sets for fear of having a joke slip through that doesn’t pass muster with the woke brigade.

The broadcasters have, unwittingly through on-demand viewing, given those woke warriors the ability to forensically check someone’s back catalogue, seeing if the mild-mannered well-adjusted funny guy persona they present to the world is genuine or hiding a history of hideous transphobic, racist and sexist jokes.

And nothing satisfies the Machiavellian malevolents of the woke brigade more than a “Gotcha!” Matt Lucas and David Walliams? Gotcha! Ant and Dec? Gotcha! Never mind that the “offenders” made the comedy series, stand-up comment or liked the Facebook page 10 years ago. In the world of woke, you are never allowed to evolve.

It’s simply daft and illogical to believe that we can undo the beliefs and teachings that underpinned our own personal development because they don’t fit what is supposed to be the contemporary narrative.

Sound familiar? That’s because it is.

It is the same approach taken by all those dimwit cultural editors out there, pulling down statues, renaming streets, guilt-tripping sports fans and cursing out chefs for recipe appropriation, and the historical revisionists who are so emotionally lightweight they cannot bear to face the sometimes cruel and inhuman actions of our forebears, even though they are as much a part of our history as all the good and heroic deeds.

The perspective follows that history should not be forgiven. So we have the full-time army of the woke looking for causes to fight on behalf of the victims they have identified.

Their Prince and Princess Woke – Harry and Meghan – now tell us, from the comfort of their new Los Angeles digs, that the Commonwealth has a lot to answer for.

It does. Giving this pair of snowflakes a voice is by far its most heinous crime of recent times.

No matter that the Commonwealth nowadays is a loose collective of diverse nations nothing like it was back in the day when the world map was predominantly Empire pink.

The people of the Commonwealth nations have evolved in a huge way, and their attitudes and outlook have changed immeasurably, as have those around the rest of the globe. 

And no matter what the woke brigade and the pearl-clutchers of this world might say, there is absolutely no need to apologize for that.

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.