Chlorine bombing in Syria ‘has ISIS signature all over it’

Chlorine bombing in Syria ‘has ISIS signature all over it’
The recent alleged toxic gas attacks in Syria are clearly an act of desperation by jihadists, says former CIA contractor Steven Kelley. There is absolutely no reason for any other side to use such an amateur weapon as chlorine, he adds.

Two chemical attacks have reportedly taken place in northern Syria. One occurred in the government-controlled part of the city of Aleppo, the other in the rebel-held territory of Saraqib in the province of Idlib.

At least five people have been killed and more than a dozen injured in Aleppo - Syria's largest city.

A similar alleged attack overnight in a residential area of Saraqib injured over 20 people when chlorine gas was reportedly dumped from a helicopter.

Both the Syrian government and rebel groups have denied any responsibility.

Former CIA contractor Steven Kelley told RT he is confident the attacks are “clearly an act of desperation by jihadists that are trying to defend their territory in the captured city.” 

Blaming this on Russia or even the Assad government is pathetic and despicable because obviously there is absolutely no reason for them to use such an amateur weapon. If you look at the death toll alone from this alleged attack, it is miniscule, high explosive would certainly be more effective,” he said.

Reports suggest chlorine was used in both cases. According to Kelley, it’s simple to acquire this chemical as it is a very common material used to water purification.

When ISIS moved into Aleppo, they came in control of all sorts of chemicals and “it’s probably very simple for them to use industrial or even residential quality bleach for that matter to create these weapons,” Kelley said. 

He added that the “pathetic chlorine bombing” has a “the signature of ISIS all over it because they are the only ones that use this sort of weapon.

Given the alleged incidents occurred in areas controlled by different forces on the ground – the government forces and rebels – both sides are blaming each other. 

Lew Rockwell, an American political commentator recalled that in the past, “when all the chemical weapons were allegedly used by the Assad government…it turned out, of course, this was most probably …the jihadists who did it.

“I think we have to be extremely suspicious of the so-called moderate rebels who are jihadists,” he said.

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