‘Palestinian youth have lost all hope for a two-state solution’ – Gaza NGO director

‘Palestinian youth have lost all hope for a two-state solution’ – Gaza NGO director
The people of Gaza are still waging Intifada, nothing has changed, Amjad Shawa the director of the Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network (PNGO) in Gaza, told RT. The Israelis are violating the peace process and international law, he added.

Israeli fighter jets carried out an air raid on parts of the Gaza Strip following the interception of a missile over southern Israel. The Israeli bombing was reportedly targeting Hamas sites suspected of carrying out the launch.

According to Jerusalem Post, there were no injuries or damage caused by the rocket, which was shot down by the Iron Dome defense system.

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However, a Palestinian woman and her 3-year-old daughter were reportedly killed in the Gaza Strip after their home was struck in the raid.

RT:  Israel has again struck Gaza. As you see it, can this lead to a heightened confrontation like before?

Amjad Shawa: We hope that it will get calm, and this is in the hands of the Israeli side… Gaza is not separate; Gaza is connected to what’s happening in Jerusalem and the West Bank. People all over Gaza are suffering due to the consequences and implications of the last war. The rubble of the houses that were destroyed is still there, and the sadness of the losses from the last war is still there. Gaza is still suffering due to the continuous blockade. The youth… have lost hope in a two-state solution or any negotiations. You can see that the Israelis are using brutal force to kill the Palestinian protesters.

RT:  The Israeli Prime Minister says his country is battling a 'terror wave.' How can this be true when most of the casualties are Palestinians?

AS: We are talking about Palestinian civilians who were protesting on the borders of Gaza Strip. There were no other means, just demonstrations, throwing stones, which is popular non-violent resistance against what is happening in Jerusalem and the West Bank. These protesters were faced by Israeli weapons, shooting [protesters] in the chest, head; 9 people were killed, including three children, 12-15 years old. Israel didn’t consider any of the international regulations.

RT:  Top leaders of Hamas have called for a new intifada to 'liberate' Gaza. What's behind such calls and could they really help bring about an end to the Gaza blockade?

AS: We are still in the Intifada, nothing has changed. It’s still the Israelis violating all the principles of the peace process and at the same time the principles of international law. So Israel is responsible for the escalation of the situation in Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem. Israel must be pressured to respect all the conventions and I hope the international community will end its silence and intervene positively to pressure Israel to respect the issue of Palestinian rights, which was issued in the Oslo Agreement. We do not need an escalation. The people of Gaza need justice, peace, and reconstruct what has been destroyed.


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