Little candle in the wind: One dying orphan’s talent for loving life

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RT has been running charity programs aimed at helping disadvantaged children and other people in need. For the past 10 years we have been friends with two orphanages and took part in many charitable initiatives. We are happy to share our experience in charity work and the amazing stories of people we met on this path.
Little candle in the wind: One dying orphan’s talent for loving life
Children are talented. It is an axiom. Some of the children in the orphanages we help are great in music, others win sports competitions. Letting the talent develop is one of the priorities for the teachers of the orphanages we are friends with.

In the rehabilitation center for children in difficult situations in Gvardeyskoye village, in the Tula Region, children live only temporarily, but the staff always stays in touch with them to see how they are doing and help when necessary.

One of the boys who was in the care of the center was diagnosed with cancer, and it was a terminal case. Misha knew he was going to die. But his talent for loving life and telling beautiful stories outlived him. When in the hospice, Misha wrote “Tale of Little Moon Ray” - a story of loving life and bringing light and hope.

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Teachers and students of the Gvardeyskoye Center made a cartoon from this story. They drew pictures, and with very simple techniques – mostly watercolor pictures and a single flashlight – filmed them on a regular digital photo camera that we brought them years ago. Teachers learned editing and put the shots together. “You have to be most resourceful with zero resources,” they say.

This cartoon is the commemoration of Misha and his life, short but filled with love and hope. Misha did not live to see this video.

Tale of Little Moon Ray

Dedicated to Misha’s memory. This tale was written by Misha in a hospice, where he died on December 8, 2011, at the age of 12.

“Once upon a time there lived a Little Golden Moon Ray. It was very thin and hardly broke through thick clouds. In a dark forest it often got lost in between the branches. And it couldn’t look into a room through a window when the curtains were drawn. It dreamed of becoming just like its big brothers – strong and bright Sun Rays, so that it could bring everyone warmth, life, and joy. The Ray was sad, “Will I always be so weak? What good can I do like this?” But once a pretty Silver Star told it: “You and I, we are special. We can shine at night and bring magic into the world. Just shine from your very heart and fear nothing.”

And Little Moon Ray ran across the black waters of a river and drew a shining path. All the birds, fish and even trees on the banks admired it. Then Little Moon Ray sneaked through an open window of a home and tenderly caressed the cheek of a sleeping baby who then saw a wonderful dream. Little Moon Ray played in the leaves of a forest and helped a lost little deer to find its mother.

By the morning it was really tired, and happily returned home to the Moon and hid there until the sunset, and until new adventures.”

Tina Berezhnaya, RT charities coordinator

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