‘Kiev planned to abide by ceasefire only for election time’

‘Kiev planned to abide by ceasefire only for election time’
The Ukrainian authorities’ plan was to observe a ceasefire for a limited period of time, to hold parliamentary elections, while at the same time Kiev was building up troops close to the Donbass region, political commentator Alexander Nekrassov told RT.

RT:The last two months have been relatively calm for Eastern Ukraine but now we see renewed shelling and casualties. Does this mean the ceasefire is over?

Alexander Nekrassov: We can say that the ceasefire is over because President Poroshenko made it very clear that he is sending his troops there [East Ukraine], he doesn’t really recognize any of the results of the elections there, he doesn’t want to talk to these people. So that’s the end, the ceasefire has ended.

RT:The recent shelling of a school triggered condemnation from Russia and international organizations. Are we going to see any reaction from the West?

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AN: We might see something, a mention, but we won’t see any serious condemnation and a call for the Kiev government to stop these attacks and the shelling, to pull back the troops. So I don’t expect to hear much in the West about this.

RT:It seems as if schools, hospitals and residential buildings are the army's favorite targets. Why is it that civilians come under Kiev's fire so often?

AN: First of all, civilians are usually the major casualties in any war, so that is not new. Secondly, I think the Kiev government is doing this because it doesn’t really feel the pressure coming from the international community. If there was strong condemnation, statements made by top politicians, the UN, they would have been more restrained. But as they don’t see any condemnation they just feel that they can do whatever they want. To be honest with you, I think the whole plan in Kiev was not to abide by this ceasefire; they were preparing gradually to break it. They only kept it for a while when they had their own elections so that to show that they are peace-loving. In the meantime the troops were building up close to Donbass, it’s not surprising really what we are seeing now.

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