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US to turn Afghanistan into its back garden

General John Allen says US troops will still be in Afghanistan after 2014’s pullout deadline. And as Brian Becker from the Answer Coalition told RT, the US intends to remain in Afghanistan forever, turning it into an American sphere of influence.

Ruthless insurgent attacks have been increasing in recent months, with several high-profile assassinations and shoot-outs in the heart of the capital, Kabul. Civilian casualties in the country are also on the rise.“The final intention of America is to incorporate Afghanistan and the surrounding countries into an American sphere of influence,” Becker told RT.According to Becker, Washington does not want any independent, self-determining governments in Iraq or Afghanistan, and it does not want them to form natural alliances with their neighbors. Thus the government is really an extension of American power.“The current Afghan leader cannot survive without outsiders’ support,” Becker argues, underlining that he was put there by the occupiers. “I don’t think he has real legitimacy or credibility for his people.” Becker added that the vast majority of people in Afghanistan have never heard about the 9/11 attacks and they are wondering why the US is attacking their country and killing them.“The only conclusion they could draw, not having known about the so-called pretext for the war, is that the foreign occupiers are there just to occupy their country, to take it over as foreign occupiers have in the past,” stated Becker.Michael Prysner, a veteran of the Iraq war and leader of the anti-war coalition "March Forward" also states the entire pretext for the war in Afghanistan right now is as retaliation for the 9/11 attacks.“People should pay very close attention to a poll that was done relatively recently in Afghanistan that found that among young Afghan men 92 per cent have never even heard of the 9/11 attacks,” he pointed out. “Even the Pentagon itself says there are roughly 50 Al-Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan, which is the size of a football team, and it is ridiculous to say we need over 100,000 soldiers to fight them,” he added.Prysner maintained that the Afghan people have absolutely nothing to do with the attacks and the US government doesn’t want Americans to know that.“They want to convince the US people that the civilians that die every day in Afghanistan are terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks! But they are just people who were unhappy enough to live in Afghanistan,” he concluded.