Swedish-Israeli organ wars to continue

A Swedish journalist whose article in August claimed Israeli soldiers were killing Palestinians to harvest their organs says he will provide more explanations in a new article.

Donald Bostrom – a Swedish journalist, photographer and writer tells RT that, because his first article had caused “a storm and confusion,” he feels responsible to provide more details of the issue in his new report about alleged organ harvesting by the Israeli military.

“For the Israeli authorities, this will not be of any surprise. I will just continue to explain a little bit about some cases that were proven to have happened in Israel,” he explained to RT.

Donald Bostrom’s report caused an outcry in Israel, with the government calling it anti-Semitic and demanding an apology and condemnation from Sweden.

Stockholm refused to interfere, saying it would not limit press freedom. Relations between the two countries have deteriorated over the scandal. Some Israelis were even calling for Swedish goods to be boycotted in the country.