Man attempts suicide, fined for landing on girl

Man attempts suicide, fined for landing on girl
A resident of a city in Siberia, who attempted suicide by jumping out of a window and hit a 7-year-old girl on his way down, has been fined 100,000 rubles ($3,300).

The 29-year-old man jumped out of his seven-storey building in 2008 during an argument with his ex-wife, who had refused to resume their relationship. He landed on top of a girl, but both survived.

The girl, however, suffered injuries to her hip and had to spend more than three months in a hospital. She still cannot walk.

The fine is meant to cover the cost of treatment as well as provide compensation for moral damages.

The [man] has accepted the legal claims. He did not contest the size of the fine, but specified that he did not have any money or property. Moreover, he is unemployed,” the court press service stated, RIA Novosti agency reports.