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7 Apr, 2014 08:42

Ukraine nationalists attempt storm on Kiev Supreme Court

Radical activists representing nationalist Right Sector group are attempting to storm Kiev’s Supreme Court building. They have blocked the entrances into the building and surrounded its perimeter.

Around 100 activists prevented Supreme Court employees from entering the building through the back door.

Near the building, a stage has been set up with audio equipment. Car tires have been brought to the building, but haven’t yet been set on fire.

The activists disrupted the convention of judges that was scheduled for Monday.

A few judges, who were in the building before the attack, were led out by the activists shouting “Lustration!”

The protesters are demanding to adopt lustration legislation, which implies that people connected to a former regime may not get office with the new authorities. The far right activists are concerned about the fact that the judicial authorities may grant almost 150 ousted officials with powers, despite their relationship to the ousted president.

The 150 include Viktor Yanukovich, ex-head of presidential administration Andrey Klyuyev, ex-premiers Sergey Arbuzov and Nikolay Azarov, Interior Ministry and judicial officials – as well as their family members.

Right Sector is known for its violent behavior and radical nationalist views.

Just over a week ago, a downtown shootout instigated by one of its members injured three, including Deputy Mayor Bogdan Dubas. As a result, Ukraine’s coup-imposed interior minister demanded that the organization leaves its Kiev headquarters.

The Right Sector movement first appeared at the end of November 2013 supporting pro-EU protests on Kiev's Independence Square (Maidan).

The movement is headed by Dmitry Yarosh. In March, the ultra-nationalist movement decided to become a political party, nominating Yarosh for president.

Meanwhile, Russia put Yarosh on an international wanted list and charged him with inciting terrorism after he urged Chechen terrorist leader, Doku Umarov, to launch attacks on Russia over the Ukrainian conflict. The far-right leader has also threatened to destroy Russian pipelines on Ukrainian territory.

«Правый сектор» штурмует Верховный суд Украины http://t.co/4wOaY7iUdqpic.twitter.com/WAXhg8n9SA

— Козырев Антон (@uasociolog) April 7, 2014

#сообщают "Правый сектор" сорвал проведение съезда судей в Киеве pic.twitter.com/qn4e1RMN4b

— Трибуна ОП (@topoprf) April 7, 2014