A-macing approach: US police spray peaceful students (VIDEO)

Police in the United States have used pepper spray on Friday against students who were taking part in a peaceful “Occupy” campaign in front of the University of California, Davis. Ten protesters have been arrested.

­Demonstrators had been ordered to remove their camp, but after refusing, officers showed up and tore their tents down, using force against unarmed people.

Shortly afterwards, police began using pepper spray on students and arresting some of them, the crowd quickly swelled in number, and police chose to retreat. Two of CBS13 journalists were hit with the spray during the incident, CBS Sacramento reports.

The UC Davis students had set up their camp on the field near the university the day before, in solidarity with the OWS movement and to protest higher tuition costs. Protesters say they plan to re-establish their camp and stay there overnight.

Watch full video from the site of the incident (# 1)

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Video # 2

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