OWS ‘Day of action’: LIVE Updates

OWS ‘Day of action’: LIVE Updates

07:24 pm (EST) Occupy Portland update: Protesters are being arrested outside the Chase Bank on Yamhill across from Pioneer Square. Reports of riot police with tear gas guns at the ready.

07:10 pm (EST) Brandon Watts, the protester injured earlier at Zuccotti Park, has been charged with attempted assault (throwing a AAA battery) and grand larceny (knocking off an inspector's hat)

07:08 pm (EST) NYPD scanner says an estimated 32,000 people are on the ground on and around the Brooklyn Bridge

06:51 pm (EST) RT's @LucyKafanov is by the Brooklyn Bridge, says the Verizon building has "we are 99%" projected on it, which appears to amaze everyone, including NYPD

06:32 pm (EST) Reports of at least 60 OWS protesters arrested near Brooklyn Bridge, including NYC Councilman @JumaaneWilliams

06:23 pm (EST) RT's @LucyKafanov is by the Brooklyn Bridge; says about a dozen of protesters in 99% shirts arrested, crowds waiting to move to the bridge

06:14 pm (EST) Two NYC Council members reportedly arrested on Brooklyn Bridge

06:03 pm (EST) Thousands OWS supporters begin making their way to Brooklyn Bridge

05:26 pm (EST) RT's @LucyKafanov is by City Hall in NYC, says Foley Square is packed with OWS protesters

05:16 pm (EST) Live feed aerial views of OWS march in NYC via www.emergencystream.com http://bit.ly/srySg4

05:01 pm (EST) Occupy Boston update: Redline and buses shit down; march proceeding down Atlantic Ave

04:41 pm (EST) NYPD issuing warning to clear area: You're not allowed in roadway. If you in roadway you'll be subject to arrest via RT's @LucyKafanov

04:17 pm (EST) NYPD officers attempt to block off streets as Occupiers march to Foley Square

04:14 pm (EST) Thousands of Occupiers march from #UnionSquare to #FoleySquare; riot police in full gear stationed outside City Hall

04:02 pm (EST) NYPD Commissioner Kelly confirms 177 people have been arrested in NYC so far

03:59 pm (EST) Thousands of protesters in NYC's Union Square; many more are expected to show up at Foley Square at 5 pm.

03:52 pm (EST) Occupy LA Update: Riot police moving in again on march. At least 2 more protesters arrested

03:12 pm (EST) Eyewitnesses say protester suffered skull fracture at the hands of the NYPD

03:06 pm (EST) Several graphic photos of OWS protester injured during scuffle with police in Zuccotti Park http://bit.ly/tJhUNo

02:49 pm (EST) Occupiers on the move to Union Square; chanting "Occupy Wall Street!"

02:29 pm (EST) NYPD tells reporter with NYPD-issued press pass he "has no privileges" to reporter at Zuccotti – via @theother99 on Twitter

02:24 pm (EST) Speaker at Zuccotti urging crowd to stay peaceful regardless of police actions. A lot of protesters angry

02:09 pm (EST) Occupier shows off photo of bloodied protester after NYPD assault at Zuccotti http://ow.ly/i/luPa

02:05 pm (EST) Police arresting protester; bystanders yelling "stop assaulting him,"

02:02 pm (EST) NYPD officer has been stabbed in the hand in Zuccotti Park – @nydailynews tweeting

01:54 pm (EST) Massive police reinforcements at Zuccotti

01:48 pm (EST) Protesters shouting "SHAME SHAME SHAME" at NYPD in Zuccotti Park

01:44 pm (EST) NYPD has clubs drawn but protesters are trying to dismantle the barricade and get in/out of Zuccotti Park

01:41 pm (EST) Police storming Zuccotti Park. Blocking entrances and exits to park. No one can leave or enter

01:24 pm (EST) Reports that new swarm of cops is coming towards Zuccotti park with netting

01:21 pm (EST) OWS California update: Police say they arrested 23 people at Occupy LA demonstration

12:49 pm (EST) At least 200 people arrested in NYC

12:48 pm (EST) OWS California update: Police start arresting protesters at Occupy Los Angeles

12:46 pm (EST) Protesters are planning to march to NYC City Hall

12:44 pm (EST) News from California: Cops with helmets and batons lining up against protesters at Occupy Los Angeles protest

12:38 pm (EST) RT's Lucy Kafanov tweets: group is marching on city hall now to demand Bloomberg's resignation. But at 47 Bway a scuffle with police

12:28 pm (EST) RT's Lucy Kafanov: Crowd marching back towards Zuccotti shouting "f*ck Chase Bank" http://twitpic.com/7ffa5k

12:26 pm (EST) RT's Lucy Kafanov: 4 men just got chased after by NYPD officers, slammed to the ground. About 400 gathered on Exchange & Broadway

12:18 pm (EST) 26 reporters arrested at Occupy Wall Street – reports

12:11 pm (EST) Protesters are in front of Trinity Church. NYPD trying to get them to leave

12:09 pm (EST) RT's Lucy Kafanov tweets: At Zuccotti, here's one man's message to the authorities http://twitpic.com/7fey0l

11:49 am (EST) Group at Zuccotti park plans to march back down to Wall Street

11:35 am (EST) RT's Lucy Kafanov tweets: Massive celebration here at Zuccotti Park. Riot police stand guard around the park. http://twitpic.com/7femin

11:29 am (EST) RT's Lucy Kafanov: Zuccotti Park has been retaken. Despite the arrests, a celebration here http://twitpic.com/7fejxh

11:27 am (EST) People are celebrating in Liberty Square. The park is packed, people are dancing. Someone popped a balloon full of confetti.

11:22 am (EST) Chant at Zuccotti: "Take off your riot gear, I don't see no riot here!"

11:19 am (EST) Crowd chanting "Leave our park" to police. "The whole world is watching, Stay peaceful," the protesters are chanting at New York streets

11:08 am (EST) Protesters dismantle barricades at Zuccotti. They are literally picking up police barricades from Zuccotti and flipping them out of the way

11:01 am (EST) Hundreds marching north on Broadway at #OWS #N17

10:47 am (EST) Cops surge into crowd at beaver, beating, 2 arrests. Shouts of 'shame' and 'this is a non-violent protest!' – twitter reports

10:43 am (EST) Over 100 arrested during OWS protest so far – reports

10:33 am (EST) Confirmed -LRAD used in NYC against OWS protesters. @jopauca tweets: This LRAD just used on us by NYPD http://twitpic.com/7fdq5yhttp://twitpic.com/7fdq9r

10:29 am (EST) People going into Zuccotti with large bags and backpacks right now #n17 barricades are open

10:27 am (EST) Some protesters made it to NYSE. They got immediately arrested and loaded into vans right outside the building

10:18 am (EST) Cops dragging and carrying a girl, pulled her pants down and did not let her pull them up http://j.mp/skG55Z

10:17 am (EST) NYPD deploying LRAD (sound cannons), arrests continue

10:15 am (EST) No fewer than 100 police officers at Pine and Nassau. Crowd singing national anthem

10:00 am (EST) RT's Lucy Kafanov tweets: Mass arrests & violence on Broad and Beaver. Officer hit my arm with club. Another photographer got shoved. Police beat protesters at OWS

09:50 am (EST) RT's Lucy Kafanov tweets: Cheers erupt as another group of Occupy Wall Street joins. Chant: 'liberty park is everywhere bloombrg beware

09:49 am (EST) So far 70 arrests reported today

09:42 am (EST) RT's Lucy Kafanov tweets: still on Broad & Beaver. Saw many protesters shoved & arrested as NYPD tried to break human chain for bus with arrestees to pass

09:39 am (EST) Police arrest a disabled woman, Nadina Laspina, pushing her towards the van in her wheelchair

09:38 am (EST) NYPD have now set up checkpoint at Pine & Bway. Must show work/school ID or residence

09:37 am (EST) NYPD still making arrests at William & Pine. Arrests also made at Pine & Nassau. "I saw them tackle a guy to the ground." – protester
09:30 am (EST) Opening bell of NYSE rings on time at 9.30am

09: 28 am (EST) RT's Lucy Kafanov tweets: Iraq war veteran with an anarcho-syndicalism flag. Has been here since day 1. http://twitpic.com/7fd2jg

09:20 am (EST) NYPD arrest Philly police retired captain Raymond Lewis at OWS protest

09:19 am (EST) NYPD bus full of arrested protesters driving away twitpic.com/7fcygk

09:17 am (EST) People celebrating the closure of Wall Street dance in the streets http://pic.twitter.com/nYTj646f

09:08 am (EST) Opening bell at NYSE reportedly delayed

09:07 am (EST) Rt's Lucy tweets Protesters locked arms in front of Starbucks here. Chanting Wall Street is closed. Mayhem http://twitpic.com/7fcrzt

09:04 am (EST) Occupiers chant "this is what a police state looks like" as cops marching in on protesters

09:01 am (EST) Sitters being dragged out of street one by one now. Massive cheers. http://pic.twitter.com/mMl3DMjm

09:00 am (EST) Police start bruttally arresting people at Occupy Wall Street protest https://rt.com/news/ows-protest-violence-police-585/

08:57 am (EST) RT's Lucy Kafanov on twitter: My cameraman reports police violence on Broadway and beaver

08:48 am (EST) Two arrested protesters now being led up Wall St in cuffs and into police van http://yfrog.com/h3epjqkj

08:47 am (EST) Police threaten arrests if protesters don't end blockade of streets

08:44 am (EST) NYPD staging pon Pine street twitpic.com/7fch6s

08:40 am (EST) Protestors screaming "Put away the riot gear. I don't see no riot here" to police

08:39 am (EST) 'This is a nonviolent protest' – protesters chanting http://pic.twitter.com/cYXtPIlj

08:38 am (EST) Police brutality going down at Hanover and Wall. Riot policeman sprinted down street after a protester. People chanting "Shame on You!"

08:33 am (EST) Reports of first arrests at Wall St. and Broadway

08:30 am (EST) Protesters surrounding Fox News team, chanting "Fox News lies" as they try to film

08:23 am (EST) Police shut down William st. Hundreds marching down Pearl towards Wall St. pic.twitter.com/vcDxwE08

08:22 am (EST) Security says those with work IDs must enter Wall Street at Pine & Nassau

08:15 am (EST) Crowds remain blocked by NYPD from moving toward Wall Street

08:13 am (EST) "We are the source of all your wealth", "Whose street? Our street!" – OWS crowd chants outside NYSE

08:09 am (EST) Police tell marchers: "You don't have a parade permit"

08:07 am (EST) Reports of press being threatened with arrests by NYPD

08:00 am (EST) Police trying to use vans and scooters to cut off people. Crowds reach Wall Street http://pic.twitter.com/Ijf55sT4

07:59 am (EST) First march going down Cedar street. 2nd down Liberty. Many willing to be arrested. Mood is determined and serious

07:52 am (EST) Square is packed. About 300 protesters gathered here. Massive police presence. RT's Lucy Kafanov reports – those without work ID can't enter Wall Street

07:50 am (EST) Police check point set up on Broadway and Cedar street http://twitpic.com/7fbqdw

07:46 am(EST) At least 4 helicopters hovering above Zuccotti OWS area – RT's Lucy Kafanov tweets

07:44 am (EST) Massive crowd gets ready to march on Wall Street http://pic.twitter.com/uYLUklW2

07:39 am (EST) Protesters plan to occupy the Subways at 3:00 PM. After 5:00 crowds will gather downtown to march over the Brooklyn bridge.

07:36 am (EST) Hundreds already flocking to Liberty Square in NYC http://pic.twitter.com/e1qiJQWS

07:34 am (EST) Occupy rallies also taking place in Spain, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria and elsewhere.

07:33 am (EST) “Resist austerity. Rebuild the economy. Reclaim our democracy.”

07:32 am (EST) OWS promises to shut down Wall Street today. 'We will occupy all of New York City with our bodies, voices and ideas' – statement on official website says

07:31 am (EST) 'Morning, campers. It's a beautiful day for revolution. #N17' – Today's opening message from official OWS Twitter feed

07:30 am (EST) Massive rallies expected throughout the United States to mark 2 month since the occupation began on the 17th of Sept in Zuccotti Park, NY

07:30 am (EST) Good morning to everyone. Its November 17 – a 'Day of action' in US. We'll be closely following the mass protests in New York. Stay tuned for latest updates.