Moscow says U.S. blocks vital NATO-Russia agreements

The Foreign Minister has accused the U.S. of blocking a package of deals between Russia and NATO for 2008. Sergey Lavrov says he regrets Washington's decision to play politics at the Russia-NATO Council, a key forum for dialogue between Moscow and the Wes

Lavrov said the U.S. insisted that a provision stipulating that all members of the Council should continue to carry out their obligations under the CFE treaty be included in the programme.

But this was unacceptable to Moscow as it has suspended participation in the conventional arms control agreement.

Commenting on the results of the council meeting in Brussels on Friday, Lavrov said he regretted Washington's decision to block the document, which had so many areas of agreement.

He stressed, however, that joint Russia-NATO projects would continue to be implemented.  These include fighting terrorism and drug-trafficking, as well as stopping the spread of weapons of mass destruction.