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Ontario mall roof collapse: One person trapped, another feared dead (VIDEO)

At least two people have been trapped – and one feared dead – under a collapsed roof at a mall in Elliot Lake, Ontario. At least 22 were injured after part of a parking lot crashed through two floors on Saturday.

Images taken by the rescuers with a remote-controlled camera show a foot and a hand in one part of the debris, local police said. From another one, tapping could reportedly be heard on Sunday morning.

More than 24 hours after the accident the rescuers have been unable to reach the victims. Emergency crews are still working at the scene, trying to stabilize the structure, which they say could take another twelve hours.

Police are not releasing the exact number of potential victims, but say they have a list of nine missing people.

Authorities confirmed that at 22 people had suffered injuries and some of them were taken to hospital, but none of the injuries are considered to be life-threatening.

Emergency crews are still working at the scene.

The incident reportedly triggered a gas leak, prompting emergency officials to shut off the mall’s power. In the wake of the incident, mayor Rick Hamilton declared a local state of emergency.

A part of the mall’s roof that serves as a parking lot collapsed at around 2:20 pm local time, forcing an evacuation. At least two cars fell through the roof, local CP24 reported. Witnesses said that several kiosks selling lottery tickets, cigarettes and magazines were located in the area of the wreck and were open at the time of the collapse, the Globe and Mail reports.

Emergency officials quickly evacuated the mall and closed the surrounding roads after the incident. Police set up an information center to collect reports of anyone who might be missing.

The incident occurred at the Algo Centre Mall, a large shopping center of approximately 200,000 square feet.