Jordanian MP pulls a gun during live TV debate on Syria (VIDEO)

A Jordanian MP pointed a gun at a political activist during a heated debate on the country’s political stance on Syria. The action, which included shoe throwing, was broadcast live on Jordanian TV.

Member of parliament Mohammed Shawabka was debating political activist Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad during a live broadcast on Jordanian Jo Sat TV.

The discussion heated up after the politician claimed that Murad was promoting the Syrian regime’s agenda, alleging that he was on its payroll. In his turn, the activist accused Shawabka of working for the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency.

The show's host desperately tried to put the situation under control, telling both men to calm down. Instead of calming down, though, the politician bent down, pulled off his shoe and threw it at his opponent.

Murad managed to dodge the projectile, so Shawabka decided to try his luck with a gun. The MP pulled out a silver revolver and briefly pointed it at his opponent.

The opponents then locked into close combat while the host tried to separate them. The struggle continued for some time before the broadcast was cut.