Azerbaijan foils U.S. & UK terror plot

A suspected terrorist group, who were reportedly targeting British and U.S embassies, has been arrested in the Azeri capital Baku. Both embassies remain closed and America is encouraging its citizens to “maintain a high level of vigilance”.

Azeri authorities say government buildings and diplomatic missions in Baku were all being lined up by the suspects, who are believed to be part of a radical Islamic group. One member was killed during a gunfight in a village near Baku.

The group included an army lieutenant who had previously stolen weapons from his unit.

“All the law enforcement agencies have been put on high alert to ensure national security. We are tracking down the other members of the gang. We consider it a serious threat to our society – to preach terrorism, radical views and violence under the disguise of religion,” said Ramil Usubov, Azeri Interior Minister.

The U.S. State Department says its embassy took appropriate steps in light of the threat information.

“We're working very closely with the government of Azerbaijan, I expect that we'll be up and running with normal operations in the not too distant future,” said Sean McCormack, U.S. State Department spokesman.