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18 Jul, 2023 16:48

Trump predicts arrest on Capitol riot charges

The former US president was recently ordered to appear before the January 6 grand jury probe
Trump predicts arrest on Capitol riot charges

Former US President Donald Trump believes he will be indicted and arrested on charges related to the January 6 Capitol riot, he revealed in a post on Truth Social on Monday, citing a target letter from Special Counsel Jack Smith.  

The Republican 2024 frontrunner was given four days to report to the January 6 grand jury, “which almost always means an Arrest and Indictment,” Trump wrote in the post, describing the situation as unprecedented.  

“Nothing like this has ever happened in our Country before, or even close…THIS WITCH HUNT IS ALL ABOUT ELECTION INTERFERENCE AND A COMPLETE AND TOTAL POLITICAL WEAPONIZATION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT!” the ex-president lamented.  

He defended his actions following the 2020 vote, insisting “I have the right to protest an Election that I am fully convinced was Rigged and Stolen,” just as his opponents did in 2016 with the Russiagate saga. 

Trump suggested a connection between the timing of the predicted indictment and a “major speech” he gave in which he called for the federal government to take control of Washington DC, claiming the Biden administration thinks “a DC jury will do whatever they want.”  

While it’s not clear what charges are being considered against Trump, the New York Times has speculated they could include obstructing an official proceeding, conspiracy to defraud the government, or even insurrection. However, in the hundreds of prosecutions related to January 6, no one has yet been charged with the latter offense.   

Trump also referenced the possibility he will be indicted in Georgia on charges related to his post-election phone call with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, in which he urged the official to “find” enough votes for him to take the state. While a grand jury issued its final report earlier this year, it has not yet voted on whether to indict the ex-president. 

Trump became the first former US head of state to be criminally indicted in March, when he was charged in New York with 34 counts related to the alleged payment of hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels. He was federally indicted in May on 37 felony counts related to the alleged mishandling of classified documents the FBI recovered in a controversial raid on his Mar-a-Lago estate last year.  

The former reality TV star has maintained his innocence, dismissing his growing legal troubles as an underhanded scheme to keep him from retaking the White House as he trounces his opponents in the polls. Some of the charges carry up to 20 years in prison, and some commentators have suggested the special counsel might use the existing pile of charges as grounds to demand pre-trial detention.