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Two people injured after shooting in Frederick, Maryland, gunman killed

Two people injured after shooting in Frederick, Maryland, gunman killed
Police in Frederick, Maryland, have responded to a shooting. Two victims were injured, and the suspect was shot dead.

Reports of the shooting came in on Tuesday morning, with multiple sites that monitor police radio stating that officers were dispatched to “several scenes.” A SWAT team was soon deployed, and the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office told local media that “multiple victims” were reported.

Shortly afterwards, Frederick Police confirmed that two victims, plus one suspect, were “down.” The suspect was later reported dead, and the two victims injured. Police confirmed there was only one shooter involved in the incident.

The shooting took place on a commercial block of Frederick, a city around 50 miles (80km) north of Washington, DC and home to Fort Detrick, a military facility that was once the center of the US’ biological warfare program, and now researches deadly pathogens like Ebola and smallpox. According to the police, the shooting suspect was killed when he fled towards the base.

Just last month, police in Frederick arrested a 19-year-old on suspicion of murdering a classmate, and found guns, explosives, and a “plan of action” to carry out a mass shooting in his home. He has been charged with first-degree murder.

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