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19 Jul, 2020 16:27

Pedophile-chasing cop jumps from 13th FLOOR WINDOW to nab suspect in Kazakhstan

Pedophile-chasing cop jumps from 13th FLOOR WINDOW to nab suspect in Kazakhstan

A daredevil police officer jumped out of a 13th floor window as he chased a suspected sexual assailant of a teenage girl. Not only did the policeman not die, but he even managed to catch the suspect.

Police Major Bakytzhan Bakirov was taking part in an operation to apprehend a man, who had earlier broken into an apartment in Kazakhstan's largest city, Almaty, stealing a large sum of money and sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl.

Bakirov had posed as a plumber to get inside the suspect's rented flat, located on the 13th floor of a residential building. However, sensing that something wasn't right, the alleged criminal attempted to flee, deciding to jump out the window in a near-suicidal move.

A 13th floor is typically more than 30 meters high, but the dedicated cop followed the fleeing suspect without any hesitation.

"There was only one thought in my head – I must detain him! I wasn't thinking of anything else. I didn't even understand how I made that jump, but there was no fear," Bakirov recalled in an interview with the Kazakh police website.

The rash move could well have ended badly for the officer, but luckily he landed on a terrace that was just two floors below. "I had no idea it was there," he said.

The suspect, who chose the window as an escape route, apparently knew about the terrace. It didn't help him much, however, as Bakirov gained on him and didn't let go until the reinforcements arrived. And the 36-year-old did all that despite seriously fracturing his foot in the fall.


The officer confessed that he only became scared after everything was over. There was a real chance that the man was just trying to commit suicide to avoid answering for his crimes, he said. But catching the pedophile became personal for Bakirov, who is himself a father of six.

The heroic policeman was awarded with a medal after the episode. He has already undergone three surgeries on his injured foot, but the doctors are optimistic about the prognosis. "They say I'll be able to chase after criminals again soon," Bakirov said.

This whole incident is reminiscent of a scene from hit cop comedy 'The Other Guys,' in which two super detectives played by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson decide to jump from the roof of tall building during a chase… but end up not as lucky as Bakirov.

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